Viking Pendants

We offer a great selection of Viking rings that are perfect for crafting a stylish look. These Nordic rings feature intricate details such as Viking knotwork and runes, as well as elements drawn from Norse mythology. Several of our pieces are replicas of authentic rings found in historical burial sites and treasure hoards. The designs and sizes in this category suit both men and women well. These Scandinavian rings are carefully crafted from a variety of materials including pewter, sterling silver, and gold plating, giving you a number of great options for your look.
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White Bronze Spiral Mjolnir Pendant

Item # PS-WZPD3182
Though a mishap during its creation gave it an uncharacteristically short handle, Mjolnir is one of the greatest mythological weapons. Now you can possess your own legendary hammer with the White Bronze Spiral Mjolnir Pendant.

White Bronze Thor Hammer Pendant

Item # PS-WZTP181
One of the fiercest weapons in Norse mythology, Mjolnir is the hammer wielded by the god of thunder, Thor. The White Bronze Thor Hammer Pendant depicts this powerful hammer with looping infinity symbols across its shape.

White Bronze Valknut Pendant

Item # PS-WZPD3184
Comprised of three interlocking triangles, the Valknut remains an enigmatic Norse symbol, possibly indicating the interconnected nature of earth, hel, and the heavens. The White Bronze Valknut Pendant encircles the sign with runes.

White Bronze Viking Axe Pendant

Item # PS-WZPD861
The axe was a symbol for the ancient Vikings status, wealth, and power, and now you can show your own Viking status with the White Bronze Viking Axe Pendant. This axe pendant hangs from the bail at the top of the shaft.

White Bronze Viking Round Shield Pendant

Item # PS-WZPD845
Realistic enough to look like it just came off the arm of a fierce Viking warrior, the White Bronze Viking Round Shield Pendant showcases a circular shaped shield with a detailed spiral design across the front of the piece.

White Bronze Viking Shield Pendant

Item # PS-WZPD862
A shield may be the most important piece in the arsenal of the Viking warrior it protects. Make sure you are always ready for battle with the White Bronze Viking Shield Pendant, which shows off a detailed round shield design.

White Bronze Viking Ship Pendant

Item # PS-WZPD853
Ships were a mainstay of Viking culture due to their importance to trading and raiding, evolving into some of the most advanced naval vessels of the age. The White Bronze Viking Ship Pendant shows off a red striped sail.

White Bronze Viking Warrior Shield Pendant

Item # PS-WZPD865
Always have a Viking warrior with you with the White Bronze Viking Warrior Shield Pendant. The striking Viking pendant features a Viking head wearing a horned helmet above crossed axes, all framed in a heater shield outline.

Wolf Head Pendant

Item # AST-1160
Wolves are powerful, majestic woodland creatures who are frequently viewed as evil man-eaters. The Wolf Head Pendant takes this fearsome beast of the dark forest and shows its angry, starved face on a stainless-steel pendant.