Viking LARP Weapons

When you are looking for high quality LARP weaponry, We are your best bet! Here you can find an excellent variety of Viking LARP weapons inspired by the fierce raiders and warriors of history. We carry pieces like Viking LARP swords and LARP seax, Viking LARP axes, Viking LARP spears, Viking LARP dirks, and Viking LARP shields. A number of these foam latex weapons are inspired by historical and mythological figures like Erik the Red, Beowulf, Ragnar Lothbrok, the Valkyries, and berserkers. Made to be durable, safe, and weather resistant, these role-playing weapons are ideal for LARP combat and training, Renaissance fairs, and theatrical use. Whether you are looking for a Norse LARP short sword or a Danish LARP axe, we are sure to have the perfect option. These Viking weapons also work well for Norman, Anglo-Saxon, and barbarian characters.

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Almarik LARP Battle Axe

Item # MY100707
Axes bring power to the game when you arm yourself for battle, and this Almarik LARP Battle Axe is no exception. Featuring a bearded bit and a raven's beak on the back, it is a historic weapon for any warrior to add to their LARP kit.

Alric LARP Adventurer Dagger

Item # MY100751
When you are out exploring and pillaging in untamed lands, you never know when you might need a knife. Prepare yourself for any situation with the Alric LARP Adventurer Dagger, the perfect secondary weapon for any Viking character.

Axe of Creation

Item # WRBL01
Your first glance at the Axe of Creation will tell you that this is a wicked weapon. To really experience the glory of this axe, you have to handle it, because only then will you realize how powerful and quick this axe is.

Battle-Worn Baruk LARP Axe - 144cm

Item # CL-277
The Battle-Worn Baruk LARP Axe is a large weapon that will help you gain the upper hand on the LARP battlefield. Made of latex-free Calimacil foam, it is impressively detailed throughout for a realistic, battle-scarred look.

Battle-Worn Baruk Two-Handed LARP Axe

Item # CL-278
Control the battlefield with a mighty swing when you wield the Battle-Worn Baruk Two-Handed LARP Axe. This Viking LARP axe has been hand detailed for a highly realistic, battle-weathered look throughout its latex-free foam surface.

Battle-Worn Ragnar II LARP Sword

Item # CL-310
The Battle-Worn Ragnar II LARP Sword calls to mind Viking warriors returning home with weapons weathered from their adventures. This latex-free foam weapon is hand detailed to create its realistic battle-scarred and antiqued look.

Battle-Worn Skaegi LARP Axe

Item # CL-318
Inspired by the battle axes of ancient Vikings, the Battle-Worn Skaegi LARP Axe has a rugged and realistic, highly weathered look, as well as an incredibly long haft, making it an intimidating weapon for the LARP battlefield.

Battle-Worn Viking II LARP Dirk

Item # CL-327
Long for a dagger but short for a sword, the Battle-Worn Viking II LARP Dirk has a versatile in-between length that makes it great for all kinds of LARP combat. This Norse-inspired LARP dirk is made of ultra-durable, latex-free foam.

Battle-Worn Viking II Short LARP Sword

Item # CL-328
Weathered by hand to look like the weapon of an ancient Norse warrior, the Battle-Worn Viking II Short LARP Sword is a remarkable LARP blade to take into LARP combat, made of highly durable and wear-resistant Calimacil foam.

Battle-Worn Yngvar Raven Feeder LARP Axe

Item # CL-332
Bring grim reckoning from afar when you wield the Battle-Worn Yngvar Raven Feeder LARP Axe. This long LARP pole weapon is a bearded axe head with an impressively long, wood look haft, made of LARP combat-safe Calimacil foam.

Beowulf II LARP Scramasax

Item # CL-200
Received at the coming of age, this Beowulf II LARP Scramasax will go to war with its wielder to seek plunder and glory. This Viking LARP sword serves well for close combat battle with its short, maneuverable design.

Bjorn Ironside Viking LARP Sword

Item # NP-G-BL019
With a lobed pommel and a guard decorated with knotwork designs, this Bjorn Ironside Viking LARP Sword is fit for a brave chieftain of the Great Heathen Army. The black handle has ridges to simulate leather wrapping for a secure fit.