Viking Jewelry

The Viking jewelry here includes a combination of authentic historical pieces and modernized patterns featuring elements from Viking mythology and culture. Within this category you will find Viking charms, Viking earrings, Viking necklaces, Viking pendants, Viking rings, Viking bracelets, Viking watches, Viking belt buckles, and much more. These Norse jewelry pieces show off popular designs like Thors hammer called Mjolnir, intricate Viking knotwork, Norse runes, the Raven Banner, longships, and Viking axes, among others. Many of these pieces are carefully crafted from pewter, white bronze, or sterling silver, and a number of them are decorated with shimmering gemstones, colorful enamel, or gold plating. Our gorgeous Norse fashion jewelry includes pieces for men and women to enjoy, making it a great choice for gifting or using in reenactments.

Viking Bracelets & Watches

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We offer Viking bracelets and watches that make fantastic additions to any historical costume or outfit, and many of our versatile styles work for men and women. Our Viking bracelets, Viking watches, and Viking wrist bands come in a number of great looks ranging from woven leather bracelets to stiffened metal torc bracelets and beyond. Several of our items include details from Norse mythology and culture, including Mjolnir - the hammer wielded by Thor - and the berserkers. Various pieces can be adjusted for size, ensuring that you can find Nordic wristwear that is both comfortable and stylish. Search our selection for the perfect finishing touch for your Viking look!

Viking Charms

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When you want to add a touch of Nordic style to your look, check out the variety of Viking charms that we offer. We provide delightful bracelet charms, cell phone charms, and keychain charms for any fan of Viking mythology and culture. With designs suitable for a powerful berserker or courageous Valkyrie, these gleaming charms feature designs inspired by Viking knotwork, Viking runes, and other iconic Viking images. Each charm hangs by a small loop that makes it a simple addition to your look, so take a minute to check out our stylish Norse designs!

Viking Earrings

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The Viking earrings that we offer here make the perfect finishing touch for your look and pair well with our other pieces of Viking jewelry, as well. Many of our Nordic earring designs feature elements inspired by Norse mythology, culture, and art, including Viking knotwork, Viking axes, Viking shields, and more. We carry styles of Viking hook earrings and Viking post earrings, and most of our pieces require pierced ears to wear. Browse through this growing section to see fantastic pieces for adding Viking flair to any costume or outfit!

Viking Necklaces

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Scandinavian culture and mythology spread through Europe and Asia due to the raids and settlements of the Vikings, an influence that has persisted to modern day in the Nordic jewelry designs you will see in our Viking necklaces section. We carry a variety of Norse necklaces featuring designs such as Mjolnir, Viking axes, Nordic runes, longships, and more. With looks suitable for men and women, the necklaces and pendants in this section come with a chain or cord for your wearing convenience. Browse through our Nordic necklaces to see all of the intricate designs that you can make a part of your next look!

Viking Pendants

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Inspired by the art, mythology, and culture of ancient Scandinavia, the Viking pendants we provide feature a number of striking Nordic symbols and icons like runes, Norse gods and goddesses, longships, Viking shields, Mjolnir, and more. These Nordic pendants are crafted meticulously to show a high level of detail, making them a stunning addition to any necklace. Please note that chains and cords for these pendants are sold separately, allowing you to pick your preferred length and type. Take a moment to browse our fantastic selection to find the right piece to accent your costume or outfit!

Viking Rings

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We offer a great selection of Viking rings that are perfect for crafting a stylish look. These Nordic rings feature intricate details such as Viking knotwork and runes, as well as elements drawn from Norse mythology. Several of our pieces are replicas of authentic rings found in historical burial sites and treasure hoards. The designs and sizes in this category suit both men and women well. These Scandinavian rings are carefully crafted from a variety of materials including pewter, sterling silver, and gold plating, giving you a number of great options for your look.