Viking Helmets

Viking helmets were often made of iron during the Viking Age. The Norse helm was formed in the shape of a rounded or peaked cap with a simple noseguard, earning for some the name of nasal helm. Some Viking helms featured a chainmail aventail for additional protection. Other styles of Norse helmets were known as Gjermundbu helms, Spangenhelms, Viking horned helmets, and Coppergate helmets. We carry many authentic and fully functional Viking helmets, as well as Anglo-Saxon helmets and Norman helmets. Browse to find varieties like spectacle helmets, leather helmets, and Sutton Hoo helmets, as well. Our Viking warrior helmets will complete your armour set for Viking reenactments, LARP events, costume parties, or theatrical productions.

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Early Crusader Trefoil Nasal Helmet

Item # AH-6736
The Norman style of helm was so effective that it was used up until the 10th century, during the crusades. This Early Crusader Trefoil Nasal Helmet is, in virtually all ways, a classic Norman helm that features more decoration.

Einar Steel Viking Helmet

Item # MY100607
The Einar Steel Viking Helmet bears a name with intriguing connections to the einherjar, Norse warriors brought to Valhalla after valiant death in battle. This steel helmet features a face plate inspired by historic Viking styles.

Embossed Viking Helmet

Item # 300386
This new helmet is rich with deeply embossed Celtic knotwork detail across and around the crown and on the nose guard. Raised traditional dog designs embellish the hinged cheek plates for that added touch of detail.

Fredrik Steel Viking Helmet

Item # MY100611
As the time for battle inevitably draws nigh, you place the Fredrik Steel Viking Helmet onto your head. Made of steel, the rounded skull cap protects your head while the attached face panel guards your eyes, still allowing sight.

Gjermundbu Helmet

Item # AB0483
This helmet provides one of the most period accurate pieces for Viking re-enactors. Made of 14 Gauge Steel, it will stand up to anything thrown at it. It is a replica of an original found at Gjermundbu Village in Norway.

Gjermundbu Helmet

Item # AH-6739
This impressive helmet is modeled after an artifact that was attributed to actual Viking use. Found in Gjermundbu, Norway, the design is recreated and slightly modified to create this wicked looking, Viking Gjermundbu Helmet.

Gjermundbu Helmet with Aventail

Item # AB3951
If you are looking for a Viking helmet to wear for your reenactment, then you may wish to consider wearing this Gjermundbu Helmet with Aventail. Not only is it highly protective, but it is also a historically accurate Viking helmet.

Harald Steel Helmet

Item # MY100617
Hailing from the age of Crusaders, the Harald Steel Helmet presents a unique take on the classic, rounded spangenhelm design popular throughout the Middle Ages. Its attached full face mask provides fantastic front protection.

Harding Steel Norman Helmet

Item # MY100618
You prepare yourself for the turmoil of battle and place the Harding Steel Norman Helmet upon your head. Its conical construction will help to deflect the blows of your enemies while its nasal piece protects the front of your face.

Henning Steel Spangenhelm

Item # MY100621
Marching towards battle with the Henning Steel Spangenhelm on your head, you summon your courage and prepare to meet your fate on the battlefield. This handcrafted steel helmet is inspired by styles popular in the Early Middle Ages.

Leather Viking Helmet

Item # HW-700203
Pillaging 101 - Leave no building unburnt, keep your axe where you can reach it, and do not forget to wear a helmet! If you are a warrior looking to keep your head covered, look no further than the Leather Viking Helmet.

Medieval Nasal Norman Helm

Item # NP-V-80602
Contrary to popular belief, Vikings were not keen on decorating their helmets with horns. Most Viking helmets were some variation of the simple conical nasal helm, like this Medieval Nasal Norman Helm, made from 18 gauge steel.