Viking Daggers

Vikings used Norse daggers called seax as a side arm and for close combat fighting. Viking seax are sometimes also called hadseax, sax, seaxe, scramaseax and the scramsax. This Viking dagger possesses a single-edged blade with a length ranging from 3 inches to about 29.5 inches. The seax served as a status symbol as well, since only free people in Viking culture had the right to bear arms. Viking warriors typically wore their knife horizontally at the front of their belt. We carry many variations of Viking daggers and utility knives that are fully functional for reenactments or combat. Our Viking blades come in a wide array of authentic designs from the Viking Age.
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Viking Utility Dagger

Item # AH-4116BH
During the Viking Age, all free Norse men were expected to carry their own weapons at all times. Make sure you are prepared for whatever obstacle you face, either by land or sea, with the Viking Utility Dagger at your side.

Viking Utility Knife

Item # IP-007-2
There probably is not a culture today, past or present, that did not have a utility knife of some sort. The Viking Utility Knife, also known as a seax, was a varied little blade that could range in size from quite large to quite small.

Viking Warrior Dagger

Item # AH-3395
Do not believe that Vikings only favored the most powerful weapons. They were pragmatists and warriors foremost, and so used whatever worked the best. That meant that sometimes, they used smaller weapons, like this Viking Warrior Dagger.