Viking Bracelets

The Viking bracelets here make a fantastic addition to any historical costume or outfit with a range of styles available for men and women. Our Viking bracelets, Viking watches, and Viking wrist bands come in a number of great looks ranging from woven leather bracelets to stiffened metal torc bracelets and beyond. Several of our items include details from Norse mythology and culture, including Mjolnir - the hammer wielded by Thor - and the berserkers. Various pieces can be adjusted for size, ensuring that you can find Nordic wristwear that is both comfortable and stylish. Search our selection for the perfect finishing touch for your Viking look!
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Agota Swirl Viking Bracelet

Item # AJ-0742
The spiral has a long association with magic and its workings. The Agota Swirl Viking Bracelet looks wonderful on the wrist of any sorcerer or ruler. This cuff bracelet looks wonderful as a part of any modern or medieval ensemble.

Alae Fantasy Cuff Bracelet

Item # AJ-0735
The Alae Fantasy Cuff Bracelet is an intricate yet streamlined accessory. Add this elegant cuff bracelet to your medieval costume or modern ensemble. It makes a wonderful addition to a variety of styles and looks great at any faire.

Aodhan Medieval Cuff Bracelet

Item # AJ-0743
Nobles, warriors, and other important people across history wore jewelry. The Aodhan Medieval Cuff Bracelet looks great with many historical styles. This handmade bracelet also makes a wonderful accessory for many modern ensembles.

Brass Viking Cuff Bracelet - Medium

Item # HW-701060
The Brass Viking Cuff Bracelet in Medium is a statement-making accessory, whether you are dressing as an ancient Norse noble or adding a historical touch to even everyday outfits. Twisted lines accent this Viking brass cuff.

Brass Viking Cuff Bracelet - Small

Item # HW-701061
Bring a bit of brilliance to your historical look with the Small Brass Viking Cuff Bracelet . Twisted and braided lines accent its bright surface, making it perfect for adding just enough detail to a historical nobles look.

Brenna Viking Cuff Bracelet

Item # AJ-0734
Fierce and brave warriors need a brilliant touch to their outfits and ensembles. Add the Brenna Viking Cuff Bracelet to your costume or modern wear. This cuff bracelet makes a rustic yet elegant accessory for a variety of styles.

Brown and White Braided Viking Bracelet

Item # AST-1022
The traditional woven design of the Brown and White Braided Viking Bracelet matches well with countless historical looks. This stylish bracelet is a fantastic accessory to the role of Viking raider as well as that of Norse villager.

Brown and White Woven Leather Viking Bracelet

Item # AST-1013
Accessorize your next roleplay costume by including the Brown and White Woven Leather Viking Bracelet. Classic and rustic in design, this costume bracelet assists in creating a look worthy of a Viking raider or a Norse maiden.

Dagmar Cuff Bracelet

Item # AJ-0736
Vikings and Celtic warriors look incomplete without some accessories. The Dagmar Cuff Bracelet looks great in a medieval costume or modern outfit. It makes a wonderful addition to a variety of styles for faires or roleplaying.

Devona Roman Cuff Bracelet

Item # AJ-0740
Rulers of ancient and magical kingdoms know they must look the part. They wear accessories like the Devona Roman Cuff Bracelet for a truly regal look. This bracelet looks great in many settings, such as faires and conventions.

Elyssa Fantasy Cuff Bracelet

Item # AJ-0741
The braided or woven motif is a common theme across time and space. The Elyssa Fantasy Cuff Bracelet continues that theme as a beautiful accessory. It makes a great addition to a variety of styles as a part of an outfit or costume.

Golden Viking Twist Bracelet

Item # WR-VTBG
Viking men and women both wore jewelry as a symbol of status, often in elegant, twisted designs just like this Golden Viking Twist Bracelet. This gleaming piece of Viking jewelry makes a great addition to any ensemble.