Viking Armour

Terrors of the sea, Viking raiders were a major threat during the height of their power, partially due to their ability to sail their shallow longships right up to shore as they launched their attacks. Outfit yourself in the style of one of these Norse warriors with our excellent selection of authentic Viking armour. This decorative and functional armour includes Viking greaves, Viking bracers, Viking body armour, and more crafted from fine materials like leather and steel. We offer berserker and barbarian armour styles as well as womens armour styled after the mythical Valkyries. Our historical reenactment armour will work great for LARP battles, theatrical performances, and costume parties. Whenever you want to look like a fierce ancient warrior, be sure to choose from our Norse armour here.

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Norman Nasal Helmet

Item # MCI-2423
Nothing beats a classic Norman Nasal Helmet when it comes to a classic Viking look. This helmet features a shiny metal finish that makes the helmet all but gleam in the light, while retaining the classic look of a Norman helm.

Norseman Helmet

Item # 300550
The only known Viking helmet with the possibility of reconstruction was found in Norway. This great archeological find inspired the Norseman Helmet. This fully functional helm is wonderful for LARP events, medieval faires, and more.

Odomar Viking Leather Armour Package

Item # RT-243
The harvest has come and gone, we must allow the bountiful fields to rest. Foreign lands beckon us with unclaimed riches. The Odomar Viking Leather Armour Package ensures a strong defense while raiding the seaports of our foes.

Odomar Viking Leather Belt

Item # RT-244
The Nordic ship glides smoothly into the cove. Under the cover of moonlight, the Vikings unleash a bold attack. The Odomar Viking Leather Belt is a wise choice for protectively girding the waist when raiding a rich seaport.

Odomar Viking Leather Bracers

Item # RT-245
The raging battle that began on shore leaks into the village. A sword strikes out as a Norse raider climbs over a high wall. The Odomar Viking Leather Bracers prove useful as the Viking lifts a shield to repel the oncoming attack.

Odomar Viking Leather Cuirass

Item # RT-246
The seaport echoes with the sounds of battle. Norse raiders arrived to relieve their foreign foes of their bountiful treasures. One Viking warrior stands tall, claiming the victory while wearing the Odomar Viking Leather Cuirass.

Odomar Viking Leather Gauntlets

Item # RT-247
The brave Nordic warrior unleashes a powerful strike with a mighty war hammer. The brunt of a sword attack hits the right hand, but the damage is minimal thanks to the protection provided by the Odomar Viking Leather Gauntlets.

Odomar Viking Leather Greaves

Item # RT-248
A summons calls the Norse farmer to quit the field and take on the role of a Viking raider. Having encased the torso and arms in durable leather armour, the warrior defensively clads the shins in the Odomar Viking Leather Greaves.

Odomar Viking Leather Half Gauntlets

Item # RT-250
Wielding a massive battle-axe, the Nordic raider rips through enemy lines. A hand catches the impact of a mighty blow, but the Odomar Viking Leather Half Gauntlets takes the brunt, allowing the warrior to concentrate on victory.

Odomar Viking Leather Helmet

Item # RT-249
Sharp war cries offer a terrifying warning, as the seafaring raiders reach the shore. Behind the ocular mask of the Viking Leather Helmet, fierce eyes reveal the determination of the Norse warrior boldly leading the way to battle.

Odomar Viking Leather Tassets

Item # RT-251
The fort overflows with metallic clanging and brutal war cries, both sides prove formidable in battle. The Norse warrior joins the conflict with no regard for fear, upper legs wisely defended by the Odomar Viking Leather Tassets.

Polished Steel Viking Armour

Item # MCI-3173
Looking down upon the sturdy coat of Polished Steel Viking Armour, you reflect on your fathers deeds - raiding the English coast, plundering the Frankish villages along the Seine, and defending the treasured city of Miklagard.