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Viking Accessories

The Vikings played a significant role in history, spreading their culture and influencing the lands that they raided. The Viking accessories here include a wide range of historical items inspired by these fierce warriors and their mythology. We offer a number of options for the Renaissance fair, including camping tents and supplies, leather belt pouches, and Viking belts, among others. Many of these Norse accessories work well for historical reenactments, theatrical productions, and costume parties, and virtually all of them can be paired with our other Viking collectibles and apparel. Peruse our selection of Viking costume accessories and other pieces to find the perfect item to bring home.
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Norman Heraldry Leather Belt

Item # AH-6787
A bit of vibrant detail and color has never hurt any look, and this Norman Heraldry Leather Belt can bring just that to almost any attire, by adding a splash of beautiful enameling, fine brass metal, and classic heraldry designs.

Norse Fur Trimmed Bag

Item # MCI-320
If there is a drawback to medieval clothing, it is their lack of storage space. If you are going to be dressing in medieval fashion and do not want to leave your amenities behind, consider using the Norse Fur Trimmed Bag.

Odin Viking Key Chain - Antique Silver Finish

Item # MCI-5311
The Odin Viking Key Chain is a perfect way to display your love of all things Viking. Odin himself is featured in the center and is surrounded by runes. This Norse key chain is a beautiful piece that is sure to be a treasured.

Pewter Thors Hammer Belt Buckle

Item # DD-P410
In Norse myth, thunder was said to be the striking sound of Thors hammer, Mjolnir. The Pewter Thors Hammer Belt Buckle is shaped like the thunder gods mythical weapon and features the visage of the deity through scrollwork elegance.

Pewter Tyr Belt Buckle

Item # DD-P409
The Norse god of courage, war, and law, Tyr is intrinsically connected to the wolf Fenrir. Only Tyr would approach the beast, though he lost his hand in the process. The design of the Pewter Tyr Belt Buckle is based on this tale.

Ready For Battle Laced Belt

Item # MCI-2235
Sometimes, even the simplest of belts can make a stylish and effective addition to any ensemble. This Ready for Battle Laced Belt may not be simple, but it is still a great choice when it comes to costume accessories.

Scalloped Belt Buckle

Item # HW-701216
You can find scalloped edges in artwork across the world and throughout history. Add that timelessness to your outfit with our Scalloped Belt Buckle. It makes a perfect accent for a reenactment costume or fantasy LARP ensemble.

Siobhan Clasp

Item # MY101015
Whether worn by a Viking warrior or Celtic maiden, many garments require hardware to make them functional. The Siobhan Clasp is a wonderful option. This ornate clasp looks great with a variety of fantasy and historical costumes.

Small Nordic Bag

Item # MCI-332
This Small Nordic Bag is hand-crafted from quality leather and fastens using an attractive little wooden button. It features a simple and elegant belt loop, which accommodates most average 2-inch width belts with relative ease.

Small Viking Brooch Set

Item # BG-1068
The brilliance of early peoples is often overlooked. Medieval Europe saw the nascence of a popular style of brooch, called penannular, that is still in use today. The Small Viking Brooch Set recreates early incarnations of this item.

Suede Pouch - Large

Item # MCI-2189
The large suede pouch is a great addition to your period outfit and a convenient way to hold your modern day items like keys and money. Made from suede, this is a great, inexpensive pouch and an easy addition to any look.

Suede Pouch - Small

Item # MCI-2188
The small suede pouch is a great addition to your period outfit, and a convenient way to hold your modern day items like keys and money. Made from suede, this is a great, inexpensive pouch that goes well with any style.