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Viking Accessories

The Vikings played a significant role in history, spreading their culture and influencing the lands that they raided. The Viking accessories here include a wide range of historical items inspired by these fierce warriors and their mythology. We offer a number of options for the Renaissance fair, including camping tents and supplies, leather belt pouches, and Viking belts, among others. Many of these Norse accessories work well for historical reenactments, theatrical productions, and costume parties, and virtually all of them can be paired with our other Viking collectibles and apparel. Peruse our selection of Viking costume accessories and other pieces to find the perfect item to bring home.
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Awaren Clasp

Item # MY101007
If you are looking to improve your elf, rogue, or Viking costume, consider adding the Awaren Clasp to your outfit for a truly customized appearance. This bronze clasp looks great with a variety of fantasy and historical costumes.

Beowulf Leather Belt

Item # 200674
The Beowulf Belt is truly a fantastic belt made of a heavy grade brown leather, which measures a full 74 inches in length. Nickel studs adorn the belt, and it also features a fine brass buckle as decoration.

Berserker Leather Belt

Item # DK2025
Our Berserker Leather Belt is a mean looking belt, and possibly one of the coolest we have designed. The belt is crafted from 7/8 oz. leather. It is topped off with thinner overlaying straps that brace O-rings along its length.

Birka Hooks

Item # MY101006
Vikings and medieval warriors wrap their arms and legs for a variety of reasons. Use the Birka Hooks to make sure that your leg wraps do not unravel. These hooks look wonderful at a historical reenactment, cosplay, or LARP event.

Brass Strap Buckle

Item # HW-701217
Whether a rich medieval merchant or an elven ranger, buckles are a great and often needed clothing accent. Add our Brass Strap Buckle to your outfit. This buckle works great for a historical reenactment costume or LARP ensemble.

Brass Viking Belt Adornment

Item # HW-701141
Many medieval belts have small decorations along their length. Other works of leather also feature ornaments like this Brass Viking Belt Adornment. It is fantastic for DIY projects, especially ones for reenactments and roleplaying.

Brass Viking Belt Buckle

Item # HW-701138
Sometimes wearing a full outfit of Viking clothing is not enough. You wish to customize your accessories with items like our Brass Viking Belt Buckle. Add it to a leather belt for a unique look at a LARP event or reenactment.

Brass Viking Belt Decoration

Item # HW-701140
Leather straps look even better with some customization. For example, Vikings can add some true Norse style with this Brass Viking Belt Decoration. This item is fantastic for DIY projects, especially ones for reenactments and cosplay.

Brass Viking Belt Tip

Item # HW-701139
You can decorate a belt with more than just a belt buckle. Add other unique pieces like our Brass Viking Belt Tip to the tail end of a belt as well. This item is great for DIY projects, especially for reenactments and cosplay.

Broad Belt

Item # MCI-2229
Prepare for the occasional mishap or unfortunate incident guaranteed to occur during a visit to the Neo-Victorian realm. The clever adventurer is never without the right equipment with the Broad Belt to carry steam-powered gadgetry.

Einar Belt

Item # MY100156
A fantastic period accessory to add to your striking Renaissance fair or historical re-enactment apparel, the Einar Belt is crafted from leather uppers and brass. The leather belt was cut from a single piece of thick leather.

Glass Potion Bottle with Mjolnir Holder

Item # DK1031
You will be hard pressed to find an accessory as versatile as this Glass Potion Bottle with Mjolnir Holder. The benefit is quite obvious, as it can be used to carry virtually anything, from dry goods to drinkable liquids and more.