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Some of the highest quality replicas of medieval armour, historical helms, and decorative swords can be found here. Valiant Arms produces fantastic fantasy and historical pieces such as chainmail armour, plate armour, and an excellent array of wearable helmets. Our replica helmet styles include Corinthian helms, visored helmets, nasal helms, Sugar Loaf helmets, sallet helms, Roman helmets with plumes, medieval bascinets, and many more. We offer decorative weapons such as ancient world swords, flanged maces, short swords, and Renaissance sabers. When you take a minute to look through our selection of excellent replicas, you will be sure to find something of quality to enjoy.

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Roman Guards Helmet

Item # ED8119
Unlike the legionaries who were stationed primarily on the frontier, marching throughout Europe, the guards were based in Rome and stood as the main body of troops in the defense of the Roman Empire.

Roman Helmet

Item # ED8147
This wonderful and historical full size Roman helm is handcrafted of 18 gauge steel. The Roman helmet is as glorious as the originals with striking blond hair plume, easily distinguishing the Commander when in battle.

Roman Imperial Italic Helm

Item # ED8123
During the battles with Germanic tribes, Imperial Roman soldiers began reinforcing their helms with added plates and crossbars. These additions added strength along with beauty and protected against the German's heavy swords and axes.

Roman Troopers Helmet

Item # ED8111
This Roman Troopers Helmet is both full sized and wearable. The Roman Troopers Helmet is hand crafted in the style worn by the Legionary Roman infantry troops who marched across Europe from 100 to 299 A.D.

Royal Muscle Armour Set

Item # ED8170
An exquisitely crafted set of armour reviving the grandeur and attention to detail of noble ancient armours! Each Royal Muscle Armour cuirass has its own attached, sectioned black leather skirted front.

Royal Muscle Cuirass

Item # ED8171
This eye catching Greek armour is made of blackened steel with decorative brass lion and dragon ornaments. Our wearable muscle armour includes the breastplate and backplate and looks stunning over chainmail.

Skull Helm

Item # ED8128
From the depths of medieval hell comes this magnificent skull helmet. Wear this Skull Helm out on the battlefield and your opponents will be scared to fight you. The skull helmet is a fully functional helm and crafted in 18 gauge steel.

Steel Greek Corinthian Helm

Item # ED8224
The Corinthian style helmet favored by ancient Greeks enjoyed a long period of use, from the early 7th to the 4th Century B.C. Our reproduction is handcrafted in 18 gauge steel. Add a touch of history to your life with this helmet.

Viking Helmet

Item # ED8135
This Viking Helmet is a wearable historical size helm that is made of 18 gauge steel. The Viking helmet would make a great addition to your medieval helmet collection or wear out on the battlefield during a medieval reenactment.

Visored Helmet

Item # ED8109
From East, West, or perhaps the origin lies in an ancient warrior culture, this incredible visored helm dates back to unknown time and origin. This Visored Helmet however does not diminish the exotic styling and long visored plates.

Wood Display Stand

Item # ED8199
The wooden armour display stand is a must to display your cuirass and helmet. The armour display stand is solid wood construction, making it a breeze to turn your favorite cuirass and helm into a solid display accent.