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Some of the highest quality replicas of medieval armour, historical helms, and decorative swords can be found here. Valiant Arms produces fantastic fantasy and historical pieces such as chainmail armour, plate armour, and an excellent array of wearable helmets. Our replica helmet styles include Corinthian helms, visored helmets, nasal helms, Sugar Loaf helmets, sallet helms, Roman helmets with plumes, medieval bascinets, and many more. We offer decorative weapons such as ancient world swords, flanged maces, short swords, and Renaissance sabers. When you take a minute to look through our selection of excellent replicas, you will be sure to find something of quality to enjoy.

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European Arming Sword

Item # ED8802
This European Arming Sword has been styled in an early form boasting a dashing single handed, all brass guard and handle. The European Arming Sword has a straight, double-edged carbon steel blade that is 27 inches long.

European Barbute

Item # ED8101
This helm, circa 1460, is a prime example of the true genius of early Italian helm smiths. The barbute style helm provided visibility so crucially needed in battle while providing protection of the neck.

European Pigface Bascinet

Item # ED8106
This helm became popular in the late 13th century widely replacing the Great Helm because of its close fit. Towards the late 14th century the long snouted appearance had earned it the English nickname Hounskull, or pig-faced bascinet.

German Hunting Sabre

Item # ED8828
Variations of the German Hunting Sabre can be found in the National Museum at Munich, Germany. This replica resembles that model, as well as one in the collection of the Wallace Museum in London, England.

German Sallet Helm

Item # ED8103
This helm has the popular gothic styling so favored by the German armourers of the late 1400s. Wonderful examples still exist today in museum and castle collections including the Tower of London in England.

Norman Nasal Helm

Item # ED8122
This skillfully handcrafted Norman helm is a wonderful example of the style worn by the Norman knights of the 11th century. This fully wearable life size helm is made of 18 gauge steel and will ignite the spirit of the age in you.

Norman Viking Helm

Item # ED8136
This wearable Norman helm is a functional and skillfully handcrafted, once being used during the 11th and 12th century. This helm style was worn by the Vikings and Norman knights, and it comes complete with leather chin strap.

Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Hauberk

Item # ED9060
Perfect for reenactors or stage performers who need authentic looks, but do not need authentic weight! This light mail utilizes aluminum rings, riveted for durability. Even if you wear it all day long you will hardly notice the weight.

Riveted Flat Steel Chainmail Coif

Item # ED9329
Each incredible chainmail coif is painstakingly created by hand using 7/16 inch inner diameter rings. You can marvel the originals or get your own fantastic creation. This Riveted Flat Chainmail Coif is wearable and very historical.

Riveted Flat Steel Chainmail Hauberk

Item # ED9328
This chainmail hauberk is made of flat rings that have been riveted to prevent separation of links and styled in the European 4 into 1 pattern, just like the museum originals. Now, you can get your own fantastic mail creation.

Riveted Steel Chainmail Coif

Item # ED9325
We are now proud to offer the most sought after riveted mail. Identical to our butted mail except each link is riveted and dipped in zinc to prevent rust. This Riveted Steel Mail Coif matches our Riveted Steel Mail Shirt, item ED9324.

Riveted Steel Chainmail Hauberk

Item # ED9324
We are now proud to offer the most sought after mail. Identical to our butted mail except for each link is riveted and dipped in zinc to prevent rust. This Riveted Steel Mail Shirt matches our Riveted Steel Mail Coif, item ED9325.