Valiant Arms Swords

Valiant Arms produces some of the highest quality sword replicas. Valiant Arms is located in Chicago, IL and also produce high quality medieval armour and helms in the industry. Valiant Arms makes medieval swords, fantasy swords and historical swords that are close to the originals used. Modern knights count on Valiant Arms Armory for the very best in medieval armour and swords. Valiant Arms swords are medium quality and care must be taken when sword fighting an opponent.
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European Arming Sword

Item # ED8802
This European Arming Sword has been styled in an early form boasting a dashing single handed, all brass guard and handle. The European Arming Sword has a straight, double-edged carbon steel blade that is 27 inches long.

German Hunting Sabre

Item # ED8828
Variations of the German Hunting Sabre can be found in the National Museum at Munich, Germany. This replica resembles that model, as well as one in the collection of the Wallace Museum in London, England.