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Some of the highest quality replicas of medieval armour, historical helms, and decorative swords can be found here. Valiant Arms produces fantastic fantasy and historical pieces such as chainmail armour, plate armour, and an excellent array of wearable helmets. Our replica helmet styles include Corinthian helms, visored helmets, nasal helms, Sugar Loaf helmets, sallet helms, Roman helmets with plumes, medieval bascinets, and many more. We offer decorative weapons such as ancient world swords, flanged maces, short swords, and Renaissance sabers. When you take a minute to look through our selection of excellent replicas, you will be sure to find something of quality to enjoy.

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1st Century Brass Cuirass

Item # ED8150
Our 1st Century Brass Cuirass is full size, wearable, and a great addition to any collection. It goes with Greek, Roman, or Medieval styles. Save when you buy the complete set (item # ED8155), that comes with cuirass, helm, and a stand.

1st Century Brass Pony Tail Helm

Item # ED8143
Our authentically styled Charioteer Helm will take you back to the days of old Greece. The helm portrayed in the great chariot races of history, this helm features a real hair tail plume, studded accents, and is hand crafted of brass.

4 Flanged Steel Mace

Item # ED8694
Flanged maces were popular throughout early history. They afforded direction to a mighty blow, tearing through armor during combat. The flanged mace has a steel head and shaft with a wrapped leather grip. The length is 30.5 inches.

6th Century Sutton Hoo Anglo Saxon Helmet

Item # ED8141
A helm found at an ancient Anglo-Saxon burial site in Sutton, England has inspired this fully functional 6th Century Sutton Hoo Anglo Saxon Helmet. Wear this 18-gauge steel helmet to a convention, LARP event, or light reenactment.

Anglo-Saxon Helmet

Item # ED8220
This historical Anglo-Saxon Helmet style dates back to the 6th Century! Our Anglo-Saxon Helmet dates later into the century and is handcrafted by skilled armorers from 18 gauge steel, with brass accents to emulate the original.

Arena Gladiator Helmet

Item # ED8226
Crowds roar and the intense heat of the arena is enough to boil ones blood. Your adrenaline is high as you ready for the fight to finish. Don this helm and look through the visor to see through the eyes of a gladiator!

Brass Roman Officers Helm

Item # ED8146
Our Roman Officers Helmet features a lovely full red hair plume, marking the wearer as a leader and personage of status. The Roman Officers Helm is hand crafted in brass as well, creating a truly distinctive look.

Butted Ring Steel Chainmail Coif

Item # ED9888
From the Celts of 300 B.C. to 18th century Europe, mail such as this Butted Ring Coif was one of the most prized items a warrior could own. Indeed, it was celebrated in poetry and the sagas, being referred to as the Net of Battle.

Butted Ring Steel Chainmail Hauberk

Item # ED9887
This handsome Butted Steel Mail Shirt measures approximately 36 inches from the top of the shoulders to the hem line. Sleeves hang to just below the elbow on most average-height warriors, providing plenty of protection.

Camail Viking Helmet

Item # ED8134
This skillfully hand-crafted pre-13th century helm gets the name Camail from the meaning curtain-mail, in which a protective curtain of chainmail is hung from the helm. Our wearable historical life size helm is made of 18 gauge steel.
$176.75 $159.08

Chariot Armour Set

Item # ED8152
A charioteer of Julius Caesars time would have worn armour like this. The Chariot Armour Set includes cuirass, helmet with plume, and wooden armor stand. The Helm and Cuirass are made of polished brass and both are wearable.

Early Roman Officers Armour Set

Item # ED8155
Early armor of Rome was influenced heavily by earlier Greek armour, and it would not be unusual to see early Roman armies wearing armour and helmets similar to those worn by the soldiers of Greece and Gaul.