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Unicorn Statues

Unicorns are perhaps the most graceful creatures in all of fantasy. Bring the elegance and beauty of the fantasy horse into your home with our unicorn statues. We offer a wide range of unicorn statues here, including pegasus statues as well. Many of these unicorn statues are painted by hand and all have a phenomenal level of detail to their design. We offer winged unicorn statues alongside statues of fairy maidens riding unicorns. Our cast bronze unicorn statues make stately additions to fantasy collections and impressive home accents. We carry collectible unicorn figurines as well, perfect for placing on desks and shelves. Some of our unicorns are more gothic in nature, whether they have black manes and ride through darkened lands or they are accompanied by gothic maidens. If you are seeking the next piece in your fantasy statue collection, or you simply love the magic and beauty surrounding the mythos of the unicorn, be sure to take a look through our selection here.
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Unicorn Garden Statue

Item # OL-FS1086
With charming details and unique stylization, the Unicorn Garden Statue looks like it has stepped straight out of a fairytale. This handcrafted unicorn sculpture comes in a variety of finishes that are all great for outdoor display.

Unicorn Lying On Grass Statue

Item # WU-1091
Rarely are unicorns ever sighted, and even rarer still are the moments when a unicorn is witnessed unknowingly. This Unicorn Lying on Grass Statue depicts one much moment when you see the unicorn, but it does not see you.

Unicorn Skull Statue

Item # SC9040
Are you enchanted by the idea of unicorns, but unsure of how well they suit your gothic style? Then our Unicorn Skull Statue, hand painted and made of cold cast resin, may be the perfect piece of fantasy home decor for you.

Unicorn With Long Tail Statue

Item # WU-1099
In the olden days, unicorns were symbolic of raw, wild nature, as well as of passion, making it quite the fearsome and untamable beast. This Unicorn with Long Tail Statue allows anyone to view such a powerful and wild unicorn.

Walking Unicorn Statue

Item # WU-1688
The unicorn is an extraordinary woodland creature in mythology that can only be tamed by a pure and innocent person. This Walking Unicorn Statue displays a horse with cloven hooves and a spiraling horn projecting from its forehead.

White Pegasus Statue

Item # SC8386
Sired by the Greek god Poseidon, the Pegasus takes the form of a pure white winged stallion. The White Pegasus Statue depicts this mythological horse upon the clouds with its wings held aloft over its back.

White Unicorn Statue

Item # SC8384
With their pure white coats and pearlescent horns, unicorns appear as one of the most iconic of magical beasts. The White Unicorn Statue depicts one of these symbols of purity and wisdom striding across a grassy field.