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Unicorn Statues

Unicorns are perhaps the most graceful creatures in all of fantasy. Bring the elegance and beauty of the fantasy horse into your home with our unicorn statues. We offer a wide range of unicorn statues here, including pegasus statues as well. Many of these unicorn statues are painted by hand and all have a phenomenal level of detail to their design. We offer winged unicorn statues alongside statues of fairy maidens riding unicorns. Our cast bronze unicorn statues make stately additions to fantasy collections and impressive home accents. We carry collectible unicorn figurines as well, perfect for placing on desks and shelves. Some of our unicorns are more gothic in nature, whether they have black manes and ride through darkened lands or they are accompanied by gothic maidens. If you are seeking the next piece in your fantasy statue collection, or you simply love the magic and beauty surrounding the mythos of the unicorn, be sure to take a look through our selection here.
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Rearing Unicorn Statue

Item # WU-1100
This Rearing Unicorn Statue depicts a unicorn that looks untamable. Of course, you do not have to tame the beast to enjoy its majestic and powerful form. This statue recreates the unicorn so you can enjoy it in your own home.

Relaxing Unicorn Statue

Item # 05-91852
Even magical unicorns get tired, and when they do, a rest is surely needed. This Relaxing Unicorn Statue is a cold cast resin accent that depicts just that, as a unicorn rests after a fantastical romp through a field.

Resting Unicorn Statue

Item # CC10271
Unicorns embody many positive traits in their white forms such as purity, gentleness, innocence, and grace. The Resting Unicorn Statue depicts one of these creatures reclining among flowers in a grassy clearing lined by rocks.

Resting White Unicorn

Item # SC8355
The Resting White Unicorn Figurine would be a welcomed addition to any fantasy collection with a stunning form. A model like this can be a surprise gift for anyone who is drawn to the allure of fantasy realms and creatures.

Sparkle Fizz the Unicorn Statue

Item # TL-4683
Fairy gardens are not complete without magical animals too. Sparkle Fizz the Unicorn Statue is a tiny statue of a unicorn with a butterfly friend. This statue is great for tiny fantasy gardens and makes a wonderful gift for someone.

Spring Fairy Hugging Unicorn Statue

Item # 05-91851
With golden wings and springtime flowers in her hair, this fairy gently comforts her unicorn friend. This Spring Fairy Hugging Unicorn Statue is the perfect fusion of two fantasy icons with a colorful spring twist.

Standing Unicorn Statue

Item # WU-1093
Unicorns are an iconic part of fantasy, often symbolizing purity and innocence and possessing potent mystic abilities. This Standing Unicorn Statue depicts a single-horned equine as it stands in an unassuming yet majestic pose.

Steampunk Unicorn Bust

Item # WU-1563
Mechanical and mythical worlds intertwine to form this imaginative Steampunk Unicorn Bust. A legendary addition to any steampunk art collection, this horned equine automaton statue will display a sense of grace and innovation.

Trotting Unicorn Statue

Item # WU-1908
Unicorns are the purest of all fantasy beasts, their virtue bringing tranquility to the forests and fields they traverse. The Trotting Unicorn Statue displays one such magical creature galloping through a lush, green field.

Unicorn and Foal Statue

Item # WU-1924
If there are two truly pure things in this world, they are these: unicorns, and the love of a mother for her child. The Unicorn and Foal Statue perfectly combines these two sacred notions, creating a beautiful piece of fantasy home decor.

Unicorn Chalice

Item # 060-2102
The Unicorn Chalice is a great way to drink in style. This chalice would look great if used as an attractive decoration around any or room. Even better, the addition of an inset makes this a great drinking vessel, too.

Unicorn Fantasy Statue

Item # OL-F1086
The Unicorn Fantasy Statue looks like it has come straight from a storybook and into your lawn or garden, artfully handcrafted with charming, stylized detail. Bring fairytale whimsy to life with this fiberglass unicorn sculpture.