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Unicorn Statues

Unicorns are perhaps the most graceful creatures in all of fantasy. Bring the elegance and beauty of the fantasy horse into your home with our unicorn statues. We offer a wide range of unicorn statues here, including pegasus statues as well. Many of these unicorn statues are painted by hand and all have a phenomenal level of detail to their design. We offer winged unicorn statues alongside statues of fairy maidens riding unicorns. Our cast bronze unicorn statues make stately additions to fantasy collections and impressive home accents. We carry collectible unicorn figurines as well, perfect for placing on desks and shelves. Some of our unicorns are more gothic in nature, whether they have black manes and ride through darkened lands or they are accompanied by gothic maidens. If you are seeking the next piece in your fantasy statue collection, or you simply love the magic and beauty surrounding the mythos of the unicorn, be sure to take a look through our selection here.
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Pink Mane Playful Unicorn Statue

Item # EV-10087
With one hoof raised and its head slightly tilted, this unicorn looks ready to prance with delight. The Pink Mane Playful Unicorn Statue brings the wonder of fantasy to life with its careful hand painting and highly detailed structure.

Prancing Blue Pegasus Figurine

Item # SC8349
The stunning form of the Prancing Blue Pegasus Figurine is sure to impress friends and guests who see it displayed in your home. A unique decoration like this can be the touch of fantasy to balance the theme of a room.

Prancing Fairy and Unicorn Statue

Item # EV-10031
It is said that only the fae folk, with magic in their veins, can tame a unicorn, but why would anyone want to? A wild, bucking unicorn is much more fun to ride, as evidenced by the Prancing Fairy and Unicorn Statue.

Pure Heart Statue

Item # WU-1879
Hardly anyone has ever seen a unicorn but that doesnt mean they fail to exist. It depends on your viewpoint, and our Pure Heart Statue features a woman in the grass with a unicorn and is inspired by licensed artwork from Anne Stokes.

Pure Spirit Unicorn Statue

Item # WU-1965
There is something truly ethereal about this unicorn. Its realistic details are elevated with fantasy elements, like the small gems that dot its long mane and tail. The Pure Spirit Unicorn Statue is based on the art of Luna Lakota.

Purple Moon Fairy with Unicorn Statue

Item # 05-92014
The Purple Moon Fairy with Unicorn Statue presents a lovely fantasy scene, where a fairy maiden, dressed all in petals of purple and pink, embraces her dear unicorn friend. The beautiful colors of this fairy statue are painted by hand.

Purple Unicorn Figurine

Item # SC8353
Now your home can benefit from the fantasy that is captured within the Purple Unicorn Figurine. This elegant miniature boasts a unique and magical theme that few items can match, your home could easily welcome these styles.

Rainbow Dancer Unicorn Statue

Item # CC13126
Unicorns love to interact with many different parts of nature. The one shown in the Rainbow Dancer Unicorn Statue enjoys flying through the rainbow. This fantasy statue makes a wonderful collectible or a gift for a unicorn lover.

Rainbow Mane Pegasus Statue

Item # 05-92083
A Pegasus is always ready to fly wherever it needs to, even through a rainbow. The Rainbow Mane Pegasus Statue shows one Pegasus ready to take off. This cute statue makes a great decor piece and collectible for fantasy enthusiasts.

Rainbow Mane Unicorn Statue

Item # 05-92084
Unicorns are always majestic and magical creatures. The Rainbow Mane Unicorn Statue displays a unicorn with an exceptionally enchanted appearance. This adorable statue makes a fantastic decor piece and collectible for unicorn lovers.

Rampant Unicorn Statue

Item # TL-1577
An elegant symbol of purity, the unicorn is an ancient mythological creature whose horn possessed purification properties, due to its innocent nature. Silver unicorns, like in the Rampant Unicorn Statue, are the purest of them all!

Realm of Enchantment Statue by Anne Stokes

Item # WU-1516
Three of the most majestic members of the fantasy realm come together in this bright and stunning Realm of Enchantment Statue by Anne Stokes. This eye-catching figure will bestow the splendor of springtime upon wherever it is placed.