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Unicorn Statues

Unicorns are perhaps the most graceful creatures in all of fantasy. Bring the elegance and beauty of the fantasy horse into your home with our unicorn statues. We offer a wide range of unicorn statues here, including pegasus statues as well. Many of these unicorn statues are painted by hand and all have a phenomenal level of detail to their design. We offer winged unicorn statues alongside statues of fairy maidens riding unicorns. Our cast bronze unicorn statues make stately additions to fantasy collections and impressive home accents. We carry collectible unicorn figurines as well, perfect for placing on desks and shelves. Some of our unicorns are more gothic in nature, whether they have black manes and ride through darkened lands or they are accompanied by gothic maidens. If you are seeking the next piece in your fantasy statue collection, or you simply love the magic and beauty surrounding the mythos of the unicorn, be sure to take a look through our selection here.
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Autumn Fairy with Unicorn Statue

Item # 05-91563
The Autumn Fairy with Unicorn Statue depicts a lovely fairy dressed in colors reminiscent of autumn and decorated with leaves. She is accompanied by a white unicorn that features elegant vine patterns emblazoned on its legs.

Autumnal Fairy with Black Unicorn Statue

Item # EV-10030
Sometimes, flight will not get a fairy where she needs to be fast enough. Luckily, she always has other options, like a wild ride on a bucking magical steed, as depicted by the Autumnal Fairy with Black Unicorn Statue.

Bearded Unicorn Statue

Item # WU-1092
Even in myth, unicorns were a powerful symbol, as imbued with magical potency as they were with ferocity and wildness. This Bearded Unicorn Statue, though, depicts a regal unicorn stallion that is at ease with its surroundings.

Black Pegasus Statue

Item # SC8387
While most often depicted in its pure white form, the Pegasus occasionally appears in other bold colors. The Black Pegasus Statue depicts one example with a jet black Pegasus standing among the clouds.

Black Unicorn Statue

Item # SC8385
While pure white unicorns generally indicate purity and innocence, their black counterparts represent more forceful characteristics such as power and strength. The Black Unicorn Statue emphasizes these qualities in mid-gallop.

Blue Moon Unicorn and Maiden Statue

Item # WU-1830
Under the light of a blue moon, magical things may happen. The Blue Moon Unicorn and Maiden Statue depicts an enchanted moment between a beautiful forest maiden and a gentle white unicorn, hand painted on high quality polystone.

Bronze Unicorn Statue

Item # WU-1889
Few beasts are as awe-striking or as coveted as the legendary unicorn, with its pure soul and its healing capabilities. With the Bronze Unicorn Statue, you can put this majestic magical creature on display in your home.

Brown Pegasus Figurine

Item # SC8348
Capture an image of fantasy with the stunning Brown Pegasus Figurine and add it to your fantasy collection. This item can be a wonderful way to evoke some mystical looks into your homes current theme, so pick one up while you can.

Colorful Fairy and Unicorn Statue Set

Item # EV-10146
Variety is the spice of life, and in the case of the Colorful Fairy and Unicorn Statue Set, we mortals are granted the magical opportunity to witness four colorful fairies interacting with four unicorns in their own special ways.

Drinking Unicorn and Pink Pixie Statue

Item # 05-91850
Friendship comes in all forms, and the Drinking Unicorn and Pink Pixie Statue exhibits the bond between a fairy and her unicorn friend in great detail. Kneeling in a rocky indention, this fairy offers a drink to her companion.

Enchanted Unicorn Tea Cup

Item # CC11638
If this bewitching creature could have its way, it would always be teatime. Surely fellow connoisseurs can appreciate the look of contentment in its gaze. Enjoy your own spot of tasty brew alongside the Enchanted Unicorn Tea Cup.

Fairy Riding A Unicorn Statue

Item # 05-91464
This fairy has found one of the most fitting creatures to ride, having chosen a unicorn to ferry her to her destination. The Fairy Riding A Unicorn Statue depicts a blue fairy as she rides a unicorn across the clouds in the sky.