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Tunics and Tabbards

Shop here for all our tunics and tabbards. Staple items in medieval and Renaissance wardrobes, we offer an incredible selection of these essential garments at Dark Knight Armory. Many of our historical tunics are available in fabrics like canvas, cotton, and wool to provide an authentic look and feel to your reenactment, LARP, or Renaissance fair outfit. Tunics are great additions to any outfit, and we offer both long and short sleeve styles, as well as both long and short tunic lengths. Whether your character is a peasant, archer, adventurer, nobleman, or even a king, we have a tunic that will work for you. Our historical tabbards are fantastic over-garments to add to your look. Inform everyone of your allegiances with a tunic in the colors of your kingdom or embark on a crusade with our Templar tabbards. All our tunics are ideal for creating knightly looks or simply adding interest to your reenactment outfit. When it comes to creating your own unique medieval, Renaissance, Viking, or fantasy look, you have got to take a look through our tunics and tabbards section.

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Eastern European Warrior Tunic

Item # AM-1019
Warriors across Europe fought during the Middle Ages. Wear the Eastern European Warrior Tunic and immerse yourself in that dangerous time and place. This tunic is fantastic for a wide variety of historical and fantasy costumes.

Ekwin Viking Tunic

Item # BG-1008
The name Ekwin is derived from a Norse word that translates roughly to Swordbrother. It is only fitting that the most formidable of warriors, then, be garbed in the regal and imposing style provided by the Ekwin Viking Tunic.

El Cid Warrior Tabard

Item # DC1434
Protect the peace and establish your dominion when you wear the El Cid Warrior Tabard to your next reenactment event. Made of 100 percent cotton fabric, this two tone knights tabard is perfect for showing off your true colors.

Elven Tunic

Item # MCI-2340
The Elven Tunic follows the age-old fashion trends of enchanted beings from the high fantasy realm. Whether you are a wood elf, an aristocratic high elf, or a half-blood adventurer, this garment belongs in your roleplay wardrobe.

Embroidered Crest Knightly Tabard

Item # 101712
Unleash chaos and destruction upon a fantasy realm as a warrior of an undead horde or take on a more noble cause as a knight of the Templar. Choose for yourself the side for which you fight with the Embroidered Crest Knightly Tabard.

Embroidered Elven Tunic

Item # 101497
Elves are known for their peerless works in nearly all crafts, and in regards to this Embroidered Elven Tunic, that reputation is upheld, making this a garment for any fantasy enthusiast to wear when creating an iconic elven style.

Embroidered Ranger Surcoat

Item # 101705
Battle for the Holy Land alongside your fellow Crusaders or become an undead warrior of a high fantasy realm. With choices between four different heraldic patches, the Embroidered Ranger Surcoat assists in fulfilling your chosen role.

Eric the Scout Tunic

Item # AM-1010
Searching for the enemy or exploring new territory, a Viking knows to wear the proper clothing. This Eric the Scout Tunic looks great on Norse warriors. This medieval shirt is wonderful for reenactments or role-playing events.

Erik Viking Tunic

Item # BG-1007
Erik the Red, famous for founding a settlement in the tundra of Greenland, is one of the most well-known Vikings. The Erik Viking Tunic provides the style and warmth that someone like Erik, widely respected and easily chilled, requires.

Eriksson Childrens Viking Tunic

Item # BG-1064
Even fearsome Viking warrior-chieftains like Leif Eriksson were just children once. Start your little Vikings path to glory right with the Eriksson Childrens Viking Tunic, a garment that replicates authentic Viking clothing.

Eustace Greek Tunic

Item # DC1438
In Greek, the name Eustace means steadfast. Let the Eustace Greek Tunic be a steadfast staple in your own reenactment wardrobe! This cotton tunic is great for the ancient Greek era and can even suit medieval and fantasy settings.

Farmers Tunic

Item # DC1166
The Farmers Tunic is inspired from the traditional early medieval period. The rich and thick fabric is heavy and accurate to the period. A braided frog clasp is used as a trim and a black cotton belt included.