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Tunics and Tabbards

Shop here for all our tunics and tabbards. Staple items in medieval and Renaissance wardrobes, we offer an incredible selection of these essential garments at Dark Knight Armory. Many of our historical tunics are available in fabrics like canvas, cotton, and wool to provide an authentic look and feel to your reenactment, LARP, or Renaissance fair outfit. Tunics are great additions to any outfit, and we offer both long and short sleeve styles, as well as both long and short tunic lengths. Whether your character is a peasant, archer, adventurer, nobleman, or even a king, we have a tunic that will work for you. Our historical tabbards are fantastic over-garments to add to your look. Inform everyone of your allegiances with a tunic in the colors of your kingdom or embark on a crusade with our Templar tabbards. All our tunics are ideal for creating knightly looks or simply adding interest to your reenactment outfit. When it comes to creating your own unique medieval, Renaissance, Viking, or fantasy look, you have got to take a look through our tunics and tabbards section.
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Arthur Pendragon Tunic

Item # 101605
King Arthur remains one of the most celebrated figures of legend, popularized in numerous tales as one of the greatest kings of Britain. The Arthur Pendragon Tunic allows you to dress as King Arthur with impressive style.

Audemar Cotton Undertunic

Item # DC1460
Named after a 13th century English count, the Audemar Cotton Undertunic adds finesse to almost any reenactment outfit when worn as a base layer. This breezy cotton mens robe is a high quality staple for historically inspired wardrobes.

Basic Medieval Tabard

Item # MCI-3005
Accurate to the middle ages, the Basic Medieval Tabard can complete any costume you wear it with. Bring your fantasy character to life at your next costume event while donning this traditional form of work clothing.

Basic Medieval Tunic

Item # DC1430
You can never go wrong with the ease, comfort, and style of a tunic like this. Made of 100 percent cotton fabric, the Basic Medieval Tunic is based on historical styles and features fashionable floral embroidering along all its hems.

Black and Silver French Styled Tabbard

Item # MCI-255
The Black and Silver French Styled Tabbard is an elegant garment that is quite reminiscent of the Musketeers. This tabbard is made of high-quality velvet and is a great way to add a touch of obvious French style to your favored look.

Black And White Crusader Surcoat

Item # GB0205
During the crusades, life could be very dangerous. To cope with this danger, armor and weapons evolved. From the end of the 11th century all the way to the end of the 13th century, the crusades were the center of attention in Europe.

Black Ice Tabbard

Item # MCI-2656
Prepare for the LARP role you have been waiting for, and rid the ConQuest world of imperfections. Array yourself in the colors of the remorseless, yet efficient Black Ice infantry with the Black Ice Tabbard to set off your armour.

Black Templar Sergeant Overcoat

Item # MH-CL0303B
Medieval overcoats offer a clear way to identify the wearer as a knight, especially when decorated with heraldry or other iconic markings. The Black Templar Sergeant Overcoat shows bright red crosses on the chest and back.

Black Templar Sergeant Tunic

Item # MH-CL0505B
The perfect period garment for any medieval knight, the Black Templar Sergeant Tunic offers clear identification of its wearer. Made from black cotton canvas, this Crusader tunic shows off a bright red Templar cross on the chest.

Brandon Suede Tabard

Item # MY100928
Any clever foot soldier knows the importance of a great base for their ensemble. It is a good idea to protect against bruises and rubbing. The Brandon Suede Tabard is great for wearing underneath armour or as a part of a costume.

Calatrava Crusader Knight Tunic and Cloak by Marto

Item # MA-MF1517S
Made entirely of cotton, the Calatrava Crusader Knight Cloak and Tunic are composed of black colored fabric with a sewn red Calatrava cross fleury, which represents the typical dress of a knight in the order of Calatrava.

Carl Canvas Tabard

Item # MY100114
An ideal look for Renaissance fairs and historical re-enactments, the Carl Canvas Tabard suits a wide range of looks. The medieval tabard is crafted from rough cotton fabric with excellent texture that feels great to wear.