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Tudor Clothing

If you are looking for a line of Renaissance clothing that is fit for royalty, then you are in luck! We carry Tudor clothing in historically accurate styles that are perfect for the Ren fair, costume parties, or theatrical performances. Our Tudor apparel includes pieces for kings and queens, such as designs inspired by figures like King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, and other members of the royal court. Some pieces are even inspired by the Showtime television series, The Tudors. Each piece of Tudor attire is designed with comfort and ease of wear in mind. With items like Tudor gowns, Renaissance shirts, hosen, brocade trousers, velveteen robes, silk chemises, and royal doublets to choose from, you will be sure to find excellent pieces to finish your regal ensemble.
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Mens Royal Tudor Breeches

Item # MCI-388
Inspired by regal historic style, the Mens Royal Tudor Breeches are ideal for achieving a kingly Renaissance look. Expertly handmade, these historic breeches feature skillfully pleated stripes of ornately patterned brocade fabric.

Mens Royal Tudor Hat

Item # MCI-395
Impressive and regal, the Mens Royal Tudor Hat is handmade of high quality floral brocade fabric patterned with shimmering thread for a look that is both extravagant and elegant, suitable for characters of nobility or royalty.

Milady's Gown

Item # 101437
This lovely gown is just as suited for attracting dashing young swordsmen as it is for accenting a queens regal beauty. This Milady's Gown possesses all the detailing that a woman would want out of a dress fit for old world nobility.

Morgan le Fay Gown

Item # 101610
Morgan le Fay is known as the most powerful enchantress in the Arthurian legends. This lovely Morgan le Fay Gown is crafted from a combination of rich black and scarlet red cotton velvet for a bold appearance.

Noble's Twill Doublet

Item # SS-ND
For the look of a nobleman and the comfort of an everyday man, turn to the Nobles Twill Doublet. This classic doublet combines the look of nobility and peasantry, making it an all-purpose piece that looks great with a variety of styles.

Noble's Velveteen Jacket

Perfect for a lover and fighter both, the Nobles Velveteen Robe is the ideal mix of bold derring-do and refined tastes. In essence, this garment is styled for a noble traveler or swordsman who prefers extravagance to simplicity.

Red and Gold Tudor Dress

Item # MCI-463
Made from lush, heavy royal velvet with a low sheen for a refined look, the Red and Gold Tudor Dress is fit for the most regal occasions. This handmade dress features a historic inspired design with details trimmed in golden ribbon.

Robe du Soir Gown

Item # SS-SOIR
The Robe du Soir Gown is a vibrant and beautiful pair of garments modeled after an early 16th century Flemish gown. Including an inner and outer gown, these dresses look great on their own or paired with a classic white chemise.

Silk Chemise

Our Silk Chemise features delicate ruffles on the drawstring neckline. Full bell sleeves help to make an elegant, comfortable chemise. This chemise looks stunning when worn under any of our dresses, gowns, or bodices.

Sophia Belt

Item # MY100345
Made from a single piece of high-quality leather, the Sophia Belt is an elegant addition to any historic or LARP outfit. The tip of the Sophia Belt features an ornate, tapering piece ending in a single, delicate Tudor rose.

Toledo Gown

Named not for the region it hails from but for the woman who made it famous, the Toledo Gown is a reproduction of the elegant gown worn by Eleanor di Toledo, the Duchess of Florence from 1539 to 1562, when she was laid to rest.

Tudor Court Gown

Item # MCI-439
The Tudor Court Gown, inspired by historic styles, combines the refined look of antique velvet with white brocade, decorated with a delicate golden vine pattern, to create an elegant, yet striking, black and white Renaissance look.