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Tudor Clothing

If you are looking for a line of Renaissance clothing that is fit for royalty, then you are in luck! We carry Tudor clothing in historically accurate styles that are perfect for the Ren fair, costume parties, or theatrical performances. Our Tudor apparel includes pieces for kings and queens, such as designs inspired by figures like King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, and other members of the royal court. Some pieces are even inspired by the Showtime television series, The Tudors. Each piece of Tudor attire is designed with comfort and ease of wear in mind. With items like Tudor gowns, Renaissance shirts, hosen, brocade trousers, velveteen robes, silk chemises, and royal doublets to choose from, you will be sure to find excellent pieces to finish your regal ensemble.
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Italian Doublet

This doublet is from paintings by Caravaggio, The Calling of St. Matthew and The Cardsharps. The trim makes your shoulders look broad and narrows your waist, and the slashed sleeves provide plenty of cavalier style!

King Henry Brocade Pants

Item # 882008
A perfect complement to our Black Velvet Doublet, these black-on-black brocade paned pants have open slashes and a button-up front. They create a very noble look. They are offered in small/medium or large/x-large.

King Henry Courtly Pants

Item # 882014
These are period black knee britches with a royal satin like finish. They sport a button-up front and lace-up back with laced calves. Made from rayon, they were inspired by the Showtime Original Series - The Tudors.

King Henry Hat

Item # MCI-396
No king is truly dressed without the proper headwear, and the King Henry Hat embodies the regal style of historic nobility with its expertly handmade, authentic-inspired style and its golden colored brocade fabric construction.

King Henry Royal Doublet

Item # MCI-357
Nothing will make you look as regal as a king quite like wearing a kings garments. With this King Henry Royal Doublet so readily available, it is a garment that you can add to your attire, to give yourself a royal look whenever you like.

King Henry Royal Doublet

Item # 882022
From the award winning Showtime series The Tudors, we bring you the King Henry Royal Doublet. This King Henry Royal Doublet is made of faux leather and cotton velvet that come together to make this rich doublet truly fit for a king.

King Henry Royal Pants

Item # MCI-361
These King Henry Royal Pants are a great way to bring something regal and bright into your look, as well as a comfortable pair of pants to wear. That makes them a stellar addition to your wardrobe, to draw on as often as you like!

Ladies Crushed Velvet French Hood

Item # MCI-555-1
The Ladies Crushed Velvet French Hood adds a touch of finery to noble outfits. Made of lustrous, shiny velvet and beautifully embellished with gold trim and white faux pearls, this Tudor French hood comes in a variety of colors.

Ladies Royal Velvet French Hood

Item # MCI-555
Accent your next outfit with the finery of French nobility when you wear the Ladies Royal Velvet French Hood. Made of soft, plush velvet and accented with gold trim and faux pearls, this decadent headpiece brings luxury to any look.

Ladies Tudor Bodice

Item # AH-PA3013
This Ladies Tudor Bodice is the start of a fine ensemble based on the Tudor period. It is both elegant and subtle in its appeal, and it is these qualities that make this feminine accent a stellar garment to own and wear.

Leon Thin Buckle Belt

Item # MY100521
With its beautiful brass ornamentation, the Leon Thin Buckle Belt signifies a medieval role of wealth and status. Be you a knight, mercenary, or noble, this fine accessory offers versatility and style when creating a LARP character.

Mens Crushed Velvet Tudor Hat

Item # MCI-411
Incredibly regal with a soft feel and majestic luster, the Mens Crushed Velvet Tudor Hat is an outstanding take on Tudor fashion. Fit for sophisticated historic looks, this hat features faux fur trim and an ostrich feather decoration.