Troll & Gnome Statues & Collectibles

Originating in folklore and fairy tales, trolls and gnomes appear as two kinds of forest creatures, often living out in the wilderness or underground. We carry a range of colorful troll and gnome statues and collectibles to decorate your home. These fantasy creature statues show off various styles, including zombie garden gnomes and stylized fantasy trolls. Most pieces are carefully crafted from cold cast resin and then hand painted for a fantastic, detailed appearance. We also provide unique options like our wine holder statues that add a functional twist to their creative design. Take a moment to peruse the charming - and occasionally macabre - faces of these fantasy statues to find your next piece of decor!
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Flexible Garden Goblin Statue

Item # CC9440
Usually when you have goblins they are a nuisance at best. Not so when you have this variety of fantasy creature! Instead of being malicious or unwanted, this Flexible Garden Goblin Statue brings a bit of levity and fun to any room!

Garden Goblin and Frog Statue

Item # CC9443
Some sources of fantasy paint goblins as cruel and capricious. In regards to this Garden Goblin and Frog Statue, that description is hardly true. A better way to label this fantasy creature is to call it fun-loving or even mischievous!

Garden Goblin with Slingshot Statue

Item # CC9444
What do you get when you give a goblin a slingshot? Aside from mischief aplenty, you also get a fun statue! This Garden Goblin with Slingshot Statue lets you bring a fun and lighthearted denizen of fantasy into your homes decor.

Hear No Evil Goblin Statue

Item # CC9171
The maxim of the three wise monkeys is one that everyone knows or at least recognizes on sight. That age old notion is given a new twist in this Hear No Evil Goblin, which recreates part of the trio in this mischievous house goblin.

Playful Garden Goblin Statue

Item # CC9441
In a fun twist from the norm, this Playful Garden Goblin Statue is one fantasy monster that you will want in your house! Far from malign, this statue instead depicts a playful goblin sprite that is sure to bring a smile to your face!

Set of 5 Mini Gnome Statues

Item # CC12840
Depicted in actions ranging from industrious to playful, these little gnomes are utterly charming wherever they decorate. This Set of 5 Mini Gnome Statues includes five different gnomes, each painted by hand and made of cast resin.

Snail Shell Gnome Home

Item # CC12855
The Snail Shell Gnome Home is a welcome place indeed, with a frog and bird come to visit the gnome resident. This fantasy house statue is hand painted in rich, beautiful colors and made of cast resin for a great level of detail.

Stretching Garden Goblin Statue

Item # CC9442
Anyone who looks at this Stretching Garden Goblin Statue will likely find themselves uttering rare words indeed - I want a goblin! This statue depicts the fantasy denizen at his best, creating a fun decoration that is sure to impress!

To Gnome Me Is To Love Me Plaque

Item # CAS-1256
Does this hard-working gnome live in this tree, or has he been hired to leave a sweet note for someone else? The To Gnome Me Is To Love Me Plaque provides a charming and detailed design that looks great in your home or garden.

Zombie Crawler Garden Gnome

Item # CC9770
Nothing is safe when zombies arise. Zombified animals will be the least of your worries, though, so long as gnomes are around. After all, no one suspects the gnome until you have a Zombified Crawler Garden Gnome gnawing on your ankle!

Zombified Garden Gnome Statue

Item # CC9769
Look out! Zombification has taken hold of everything - including your garden gnomes! This Zombified Garden Gnome Statue is yard decor gone horribly wrong...or perhaps, horribly funny, depending on how you plan to use this little yard zombie.