Traditional Longbows

We are proud to offer to you our awesome selection of Medieval and Traditional Longbows for the Traditional/Primitive Archer. Each of our Longbows are expertly hand-crafted to order. Our long bows come in a variety of different woods that range from bamboo, hickory, Jatoba Wood and Ipe Brazilian. Longbows are fully functional and are suitable for target practice, horseback archery, and hunting. Once an order is placed for a bow, it cannot be canceled, we consider them custom orders. Our longbows can take anywhere from 1 to 9 weeks for delivery. Give us a call if you need one in a hurry or have any questions about them.
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Bamboo Backed Hickory Flatbow

Item # WB-L003
The Bamboo Backed Hickory Flatbow is renowned for its toughness and resilience. Strong and steady, in the hands of an expert this bow puts arrows on-target, making it THE bow to reach for when reliability is a must.

Rustic Youth Longbow with Leather Wrapped Handle

Item # WB-603
Just because an archer is young does not mean that they have to settle for a sub-par bow. This Rustic Youth Longbow with Leather Wrapped Handle offers a mix of detailing and functionality, making it one bow that any archer would enjoy.

Solid Hickory Medieval Siege Warbow

Item # WB-604
Large is a good way to describe this Solid Hickory Medieval Siege Warbow. From the grip to the limbs, it offers an intimidating look, and it does not lack for function either - it can easily send an arrow hurtling down-range at-speed.

Triple Laminated Hickory Backed English Longbow

Item # WB-E007
It is fair to say that there is more to the Triple Laminated Hickory Backed English Longbow than meets the eye. Of course, the bow offers plenty of visual appeal as well, so it is also fair to say that this bow is an archers dream.

Wood Elf Longbow

Item # WB-611
The legendary Wood Elf Longbow features slight recurve built onto the bow with an elven design that gives you a smooth draw as well as the accuracy of a traditional longbow. If you are a fan of fantasy elves, you simply have to own one of these!

Youth Linen Backed English Longbow

Item # WB-300
Archery is not solely for adults. Not anymore, at least. This Youth Linen Backed English Longbow echoes the overall look of our adult version, in a smaller size that is perfectly made for the young archer to own, shoot with, and enjoy!

Youth Ranger Bow

Item # WB-602
The rangers were the last men of the west and were destined to wander the land until the Return of the King. They were traditionally armed with both blades and bows. This Youth Ranger Bow recreates one such weapon for any young archer to wield.