Tactical Accessories

When you want the best military gear to carry out a tactical mission or to keep on hand for an emergency, be sure to check out our selection! We are pleased to provide a fine assortment of tactical accessories for preppers and outdoorsmen, including combat goggles, MOLLE utility pouches, tactical helmets, drop leg platforms, magazine pouches, MOLLE First Aid kits, gun slings, tac knee pads, tactical elbow pads, and other useful items. Our waist and belt pouches are great for holding ammunitions, grenades, radios, tools, first aid supplies, and more. Many of our tactical pouches are MOLLE compatible and can be attached to the webbing on tac vests or backpacks. Our tac goggles, pads, and other safety gear help you complete your mission in relative comfort. Be prepared for any eventuality - from a natural disaster to the zombie apocalypse - with these fantastic tactical supplies among your survival gear!
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Drop Leg Utility Rig

Item # RO-10750
Sometimes, you have to keep too much equipment on you to fit it all on your belt. This Drop Leg Utility Rig is ideal for conveniently holding a number of different tools so you can still keep your pistol in a holster on your belt.
$42.00 $37.80

Groundwar Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1049H
When you need to set up camp in a forest or jungle without being seen, the Groundwar Parachute Cord will serve in a number of functions while blending into the scenery with its subtle black, brown, OD green, and tan strands.

MOLLE Double Pistol Magazine Pouch

Item # RO-51002
Now you can put more bad guys down with the help of the versatile MOLLE Double Pistol Magazine Pouch. This military accessory can help you keep your secondary weapon ready to go, so purchase one for yourself and enjoy the benefits.
$14.00 $12.60

Olive Green Adjustable Nylon BDU Belt

Item # RO-4197
The perfect complement for your outdoor or tactical attire, the Olive Green Adjustable Nylon BDU Belt is modeled after the tactical gear worn by the United States Army and is crafted for wear in any type of weather conditions.
$7.00 $6.30

Paratroopers Military Helmet

Item # AH-6041
When a zombie tries to gnaw through your skull to your brains, you will be glad to have some protection on your head. This Paratroopers Military Helmet, with its WWII style, is strong enough to protect you from a zombies gnashing teeth.

Patriotic Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1063H
Show off your patriotic spirit in everyday life by making use of this brightly patterned rope! The Patriotic Parachute Cord features an intricate weaving of red, white, and blue strands for a striking look.

Recon Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1051H
Perfect for many practical and tactical functions, the Recon Parachute Cord combines a subtle camo pattern of tan, brown, teal green, and OD green with all of the sturdiness you want in a multi-purpose rope.

Tactical Combat Elbow Pads

Item # RO-11057
When rounds start flying and you need to hit the deck make sure you have a set of Tactical Combat Elbow Pads. This protective battle accessory will loyally serve you through the worst environments and the toughest scenarios.
$20.00 $18.00

Tactical Combat Knee Pads

Item # RO-11058
You do not want to find yourself in the heat of a moment without proper protection so grab the Tactical Combat Kneed Pads. This accessory can be a life saver when you are in the field and having to quickly react to your environment.
$25.00 $22.50

Titanium Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1057H
Adopting a metallic color scheme, the Titanium Parachute Cord blends well into an urban or industrial landscape. This general purpose rope displays light gray, medium gray, and black strands in a mottled pattern.

Treestand Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1036H
Create your perfect hunting location with paracord that uses the perfect color combination for blending in. The Treestand Parachute Cord displays a mottled pattern of light green, dark green, tan, black, and orange strands.

Wetland Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1048H
Great for marshes and water-side areas, the Wetland Parachute Cord makes a useful addition for helping you set up your hunting stand. It blends in easily with its combination of OD green, green, and brown strands.