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Every home needs a place to set something down. Check out this section for all our tables, desks, and pedestals that stand out from your typical home decor. We offer a varied selection of fantasy tables here, many featuring gorgeously detailed statues as their bases and glass tops. Shop everything from medieval, Celtic, and steampunk tables to mermaid tables, gothic dragon tables, and even Roman goddess statue tables here. These fantasy glass top tables, end tables, desks, and pedestals are not only great for bringing your favorite styles to your decor, but are also great surfaces for presenting statue collections or other displays.

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Blue Dragon Table

Item # CC12161
Nothing shows a ferocious beast that it has been tamed more than having it carry your belongings. Or, in this case, your dinners and drinks. The Blue Dragon Table places a fearsome firebreather in exactly this position.

Blue Dragon with Hatchling Table

Item # EV-10024
Many people fantasize about slaying a dragon, but what about training a dragon to hold your beverages and books? With the Blue Dragon with Hatchling Table, you can effortlessly tame the wild nature of the most fearsome fantasy beast.

Celtic Table

Item # SC7012
If you are going all-out when you decorate your space, you are going to need more than trinkets and great statues. And if Celtic or medieval style is the way you want to go, than this Celtic Table is an absolute must-have decoration.

Colorful Fairy with Dragon Table

Item # EV-10022
Fairies are such a part of nature that butterflies often land on them, mistaking them for trees and flowers, as evidenced by the Colorful Fairy with Dragon Table. Just as these insects use her as a perch, you can use her as furniture.

Double Dragon Table

Item # CC12145
Welsh mythology tells the story of two dragons locked in a deadly battle beneath the earth. These days, dragons just give each other the silent treatment. The Double Dragon Table puts a pane of glass over this passive-aggressive feud.

Dragon Cross Table

Item # CC10986
When the display stand itself is display-worthy, that is when you know it is a must-have for any avid collector. This Dragon Cross Table is a great way to display your love of medieval dragons and also works as a functional table.

Dragon Statue Table

Item # CC11497
This stone colored dragon kneels upon a short platform, offering up a rectangular glass surface in its claws. The Dragon Statue Table depicts this mighty dragon with incredible detail and is made of hand painted, cold cast resin.

Field of Dreams Glass-Top Fairy Table

Item # CC9963
With their jewel-bright wings, it is no wonder that butterflies occasionally mistake fairies for the flowers upon which they feed. The Field of Dreams Glass-Top Fairy Table reveals a fairy sitting among flowers and butterflies.

Fortuna End Table

Item # WU-1169
Have you ever wanted to make a Greek or Roman deity a part of your home decor? Well, now you can, thanks to this impressive Fortuna End Table, which transforms the Roman goddess Fortuna into a stunning piece of decor!

Greenman Glass-Top Table

Item # CC9967
A symbol of rebirth and the season of spring, the Greenman appears in many cultures throughout the world. The Greenman Glass-Top Table allows you to celebrate nature with the leafy motif of this mythological figure.

Horse Head End Table

Item # WU-1174
Horses have long been a symbol of power, as only the finest of nobility could afford to have horses. This Horse Head End Table recreates the noble bearing of an equine and renders it in an attractive and impressive bronzed finish.

Ice Dragon Family End Table

Item # CC11391
A tender scene between a mother and child is a classic motif that warms the heart, even one with monstrous beasts. The loving display of the Ice Dragon Family End Table will melt the hearts of those fortunate enough to observe it.