Sword Canes

You see, there is no denying that a sword cane is an uncommonly handy weapon that can be put into action with lightning speed. When your life is threatened, the sword cane is already in your hand. All you have to do is press the spring loaded release button to disengage the lock and give a firm tug and your blade will literally leap into your hand! Here you will find sword canes, sword staffs and even sword umbrellas. From classic cane styles to fantasy designs, we have quality sword canes made by United Cutlery, Windlass, Cold Steel and Hanwei. Make sure you check your state laws as these items are restricted in some states.

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Assassin Bird Sword Cane

Item # ZS-926888
Twilight came early in Victorian London as the assassin emerged from an alcove. Drawing the concealed blade from her Assassin Bird Sword Cane, she buried it in the neck of the grifter, who dropped behind his cart with a muffled thud.
$23.90 $21.51

Bird-Dog Sword Cane

Item # SH2132
Our Skull and Bird Dog Sword Canes are beautifully crafted, making either a sight to see. The fiberglass shaft of the Skull Cane allows for a slim profile, while the rosewood shaft of the Bird Dog cane makes for a classic appearance.

Carbon Fiber Cane Sword with Hidden Dagger

Item # SD12150
For the modern gentleman who walks a fine line of risk and adventure, the Carbon Fiber Cane Sword with Hidden Dagger is the ideal choice for a refined, discrete way to add protection to everyday life for when things become uncivilized.

Carbon Fiber Cane Sword with Hidden Switch Dagger

Item # SD12160
On the rare occasion, a situation will arise when a gentleman must get his hands dirty. Who said you cannot do that and more while keeping your elegant style? With the Carbon Fiber Cane Sword with Hidden Switch Dagger, now you can!

Celtic Knot Sword Cane

Item # ZS-926856
Walking along the street has never been so stylish or so deadly than with the Celtic Knot Sword Cane. This cane displays an aluminum handle with Celtic knot and triquetra designs, all polished to a mirror shine.
$29.90 $26.91

Damascus Taiji Sword Cane with Knife

Item # SD12140
The tradition of the sword cane originates from a time when carrying a dress sword became unfashionable or even illegal. Our Damascus Taiji Sword Cane with Knife possesses all the accoutrements of a high society sword.

Dragon Sword Cane

Item # ZS-926917
There is classy, there is dangerous, and then there is dangerously classy. Be dangerously classy with the Dragon Sword Cane. On the outside, it is a classy cane with a dragons head handle, but hidden within is a deadly blade.
$25.00 $22.50

Dragontail Cane Sword

Item # ZS-926912
The last time you saw a sword cane like this was in a movie. Our Dragontail Cane Sword is designed to inspire shock and awe with its two-toned dragon design. This dual-purpose cane can double as a sword for self-defense.

Golden Dragon Sword Cane

Item # ZS-926863
With a marvelous walking staff like this Golden Dragon Sword Cane in your hand, many people are bound to become envious. But you should not worry, because if anyone ever tries to steal it away, you can just pull out the hidden blade!
$27.90 $25.11

Heavy Duty Sword Cane

Item # 07-88SCFD
There are few weapons that can be put into action faster than our sword canes. Just give the handle firm tug and the blade will literally leap into your hand, making this Heavy Duty Sword Cane a great personal defense.
$150.00 $120.00

Jolly Roger Cane Sword

Item # ZS-926907
If you are not paying attention, you will never see it coming. Our Jolly Roger Cane Sword has a brass knob that features the ghastly iconic pirate image and hidden within this decorative walking cane houses a stainless steel sword.

Medieval Fleur de Lis Sword Cane

Item # ZS-926875
As there is always someone out for their heads, the highest ranking nobles must constantly stay protected. This Medieval Fleur de Lis Sword Cane is a way for lords and ladies to defend themselves in a sophisticated and stealthy way.
$27.90 $25.11