Steampunk Pistols & Weapons

We carry a fascinating assortment of steampunk pistols and weapons brimming with clockwork and retro-futuristic detail, all perfect for any steampunk adventurer. Our steampunk replica pistols blend science fiction inspiration with Victorian style. Here you will find steampunk space guns, replica steampunk flintlocks, and replica steampunk revolvers. These pieces are great for decoration or for adding detail to a steampunk look. Check out replica steampunk firearms with holsters for carrying with you at your side, as well as decorative steampunk pistols and rifles with stands for display. In addition to replica steampunk firearms, we also carry steampunk bladed weapons, like swords and daggers, for both display and defense. If you are looking for a way to look well-defended on your next steampunk expedition, or searching for the next piece of your steampunk decor, this is the category for you.
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Airship Captain's Katana

Item # 501393
Sailing the skies and protecting airships from vile pirates is a dangerous job, but only if you do not have a good sword at your side! When you are captain of your own ship, no sword is as perfect as this Airship Captains Katana.

Antique Gold Flintlock Pistol

Item # NP-WG1718
The pirate and steampunk genres have aligned to create a replica pistol that can be used in either genre! The Antique Gold Flintlock Pistol has beautiful color tones that incline this replica weapon towards both styles of decor.

Antique Silver Flintlock Pirates Pistol

Item # NP-WG012A
Along with cutlasses and cannons, the flintlock pistol is a trademark weapon for pirates. The Antique Silver Flintlock Pirates Pistol is a prime example of one of the many styles of flintlock that was used on the seven seas.

Assassins Kukri

Item # 404129
The kukri is a versatile utility tool and weapon from Nepal that displays an inwardly curving blade. Effective as a chopping and slashing weapon, this Assassins Kukri has been redesigned to fit in a Victorian steampunk world.

Bike Gear Handle Steampunk Dagger

Item # NP-H-1211
When trapped in an alternative Neo Victorian timeline, choose a knife as unique as the Bike Gear Handle Steampunk Dagger! Made of stainless steel, this spear point blade is attached to an eye-catching bicycle gear style handle.

Captain Nemo Sword Cane

Item # 601032
The antihero of Jules Vernes Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea attempts in vain to hide the darker parts of his person. With the Captain Nemo Sword Cane, you can hide your weapon of self-defense any time you venture out on land.

Captains Nemo Steampunk Pistol and Stand

Item # CC9718
Jules Verne is the author of the first nautical story to have elements of steampunk in it, and that tradition continues in the form of this Captains Nemo Steampunk Pistol and Stand, which bears name of his legendary sea captain.
$70.00 $63.00

Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol

Item # NP-WG1818
The phrase - two heads are better than one - applies to more than just critical thinking. When it comes to flintlock pistols, like the Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol, two barrels are better than one. More barrels, more hits!

Flintlock Rifle

Item # NP-WG002A
Despite seeming like a rather primitive form of firearm compared to modern weapons, the flintlock mechanism, which can be seen on our Flintlock Rifle, was a very delicate and high maintenance mechanism. Everything had to be perfect.

Gamblers Sword Cane

Item # 601019
This unique cane could have easily been found on the Riverboats of the Mississippi or the back gambling rooms of London during the late 1800s. The sturdy construction of this Gamblers Sword Cane makes it perfect for everyday use.

Ivory-Handled Dueling Flintlock

Item # NP-WG001
A glove thrown at the foot of your opponent shall initiate the duel in which the Ivory-Handled Dueling Pistol is used. This ornate dueling weapon may not function like an actual weapon should, but it will provide a great story!

Lion Head Victorian Sword Cane

Item # 600970
Mentioned throughout Victorian literature and carried by Dr. Watson in his screen adventures, this side-arm makes a beautiful personal accessory. The Lion Head Victorian Sword Cane displays a detailed design and quality construction.