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Steampunk Accessories

If your steampunk attire is lacking, then perhaps you are missing a key accessory. Look no further than our array of excellent steampunk accessories to elevate your look. Our inventory includes a wide range of pieces to complete any steampunk ensemble ranging from a prim ladies maid to a mechanically-minded engineer to a commanding airship captain and beyond. We carry steampunk purses and bags, steampunk bracers and wrist cuffs, steampunk belts and decorative buckles, steampunk gun replicas and leather holsters, steampunk magnifiers, steampunk hair accessories, and many other gadgets and trinkets to set your style apart. With designs for ladies and men, these Neo-Victorian accessories can appeal to anyone wanting steampunk flair. These finishing touches are sure to impress, so check back regularly to see the latest additions!
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Octopus Shot Glass

Item # WU-1653
The octopus is highly intelligent, exhibiting problem-solving behaviors and adapting simple tools. Their eight limbs feature suckers along most of their length. Drink a toast to the adaptable cephalopod in this Octopus Shot Glass.

Octopus Tasting Glass

Item # WU-1817
Enjoy your favorite drink served up by one of the oceans most unique creatures! The Octopus Tasting Glass features a cast bronze construction with an antique look, making this glass perfect for nautical and steampunk shindigs.

Pistol Belt Holster

Item # DK1027
Our leather pistol belt holster is a must have for any replica firearm carrier. Our holster is made from quality leather and will fit belt up to 3 inches wide. These holsters work great for flintlock, western, and modern styles.

Pocket Watch Belt Slide

Item # DK2037-6
If wearing a wristwatch is not to your personal style, you may like this Pocket Watch Belt Slide. Add it to your belt and have a working timepiece close at hand at all times. This versatile belt accent fits up to a 1.75 inch belt.

Ruffle Collar and Cuff Set

Item # LU-432605
Ruffles and lace were popular among the upper classes as an indicator of status - being able to afford the extra fabric and extra care of these accents showed your wealth. Wear this Ruffle Collar and Cuff set to finish your outfit.
$10.95 $9.86

Silver Lock and Key Skull Mask

Item # KA-1009
For the roleplayer who dabbles in multiple genres, versatile accessories are always needed. Add a gothic twist to the role of pirate or Neo-Victorian, or become an otherworldly gatekeeper with the Silver Lock and Key Skull Mask.

Silver Steampunk Jester Mask

Item # FM-75998
Transforming the traditional commedia dell arte court jester character into a mechanical figure, the Silver Steampunk Jester Mask offers a striking yet slightly eerie look for your next masquerade ball costume.

Silver Steampunk Masquerade Mask

Item # KA-1002
Join the revelry at a 19th-century carnival or add a unique twist to a theatrical performance with the Silver Steampunk Masquerade Mask. This Venetian half mask belongs in a world of steam-powered inventions and eccentric Victorians.

Silver Steampunk Monocle Eye Mask

Item # KA-1013
No Neo-Victorian will be able to resist this fascinating twist on the traditional masquerade mask. For the soul most at home with steam-powered contraptions the Silver Steampunk Monocle Eye Mask is a stylish addition to your costume.

Silver Steampunk Monocle Phantom Mask

Item # KA-1008
A boundless imagination and genius have earned you a high place among Neo-Victorian society. The Silver Steampunk Monocle Phantom Mask proves that your creativity belongs not only to the laboratory but also to the fashion scene.

Silver Steampunk One Eye Mask

Item # FM-75992
The Silver Steampunk One Eye Mask shows where Victorian, industrial, and science fiction styles meet. This retro futuristic mask takes the shape of an asymmetrical masquerade mask and adds incredible steampunk flair to the design.

Silver Steampunk Phantom Mask

Item # KA-1014
The Silver Steampunk Phantom Mask will inspire visions of life-size automatons, steam-powered contraptions, and eccentric inventors when you dazzle the crowd at a masquerade ball, or enthrall the audience during a performance on stage.