Steampunk Accessories

If your steampunk attire is lacking, then perhaps you are missing a key accessory. Look no further than our array of excellent steampunk accessories to elevate your look. Our inventory includes a wide range of pieces to complete any steampunk ensemble ranging from a prim ladies maid to a mechanically-minded engineer to a commanding airship captain and beyond. We carry steampunk purses and bags, steampunk bracers and wrist cuffs, steampunk belts and decorative buckles, steampunk gun replicas and leather holsters, steampunk magnifiers, steampunk hair accessories, and many other gadgets and trinkets to set your style apart. With designs for ladies and men, these Neo-Victorian accessories can appeal to anyone wanting steampunk flair. These finishing touches are sure to impress, so check back regularly to see the latest additions!
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Glass Potion Bottle with Steampunk Gear Holder

Item # DK1030
It will be hard to find an accessory as versatile as this Glass Potion Bottle with Steampunk Gear Holder. The benefit is quite obvious, as it can be used to carry virtually anything, from dry goods to drinkable liquids and more.

Gold Lock and Key Skull Mask

Item # KA-1010
If you find it hard to choose between steampunk, gothic, and pirate genres then this versatile accessory belongs in your costume wardrobe. The Gold Lock and Key Skull Mask provides endless opportunities for both roleplay and style.

Gold Steampunk Masquerade Mask

Item # KA-1004
Imagine yourself in a Victorian laboratory with steam-powered contraptions and life-like automatons, or dance across a glittering ballroom in a style worthy of the 19th-century inventor with the Gold Steampunk Masquerade Mask.

Gold Steampunk Monocle Eye Mask

Item # KA-1012
Reveal a preference for gears and gadgetry over feathers and lace with the Gold Steampunk Monocle Eye Mask. This take on the traditional masquerade mask clearly belongs to an era that values steam-power and mindboggling contraptions.

Gold Steampunk Monocle Phantom Mask

Item # KA-1007
The Gold Steampunk Monocle Phantom Mask adds just the right touch to the role of eccentric inventor. Your genius is not limited to the creation of oddities, but also to style, as all your accessories are fitted with helpful gadgetry.

Gold Steampunk Terminator Mask

Item # KA-1005
Inspire visions of Victorian laboratories, contraptions powered by steam, and life-size automatons with the Gold Steampunk Terminator Mask. Whether for a masquerade or a theatrical production, this accessory completes your look.

Golden Steampunk Jester Mask

Item # FM-75997
Transforming the traditional commedia dell arte court jester character into a mechanical figure, the Golden Steampunk Jester Mask offers a striking yet slightly eerie look for your next masquerade ball costume.

Golden Steampunk One Eye Mask

Item # FM-75991
The Golden Steampunk One Eye Mask shows where Victorian, industrial, and science fiction styles meet. This retro futuristic mask takes the shape of an asymmetrical masquerade mask and adds incredible steampunk flair to the design.

Golden Steampunk Skull Half Mask

Item # FM-75994
Eerie and eye-catching, the Golden Steampunk Skull Half Mask offers a unique fusion of gothic and retro-futuristic style. The steampunk mask takes the form of a mechanical skull, showing off various tubes and gears.

Heart Of Lazarus Bracelet Wristwatch

Item # AG-AW28
Dark angels watch over your every moment of tellurian time, waiting to escort you into the realms of eternity. The Heart of Lazarus Bracelet Wristwatch acts as a reminder to gather your rosebuds, to live life to its fullest potential.

Ladies Bronze Steampunk Half Mask

Item # FM-75999
If you want to disguise your identity at an upcoming masquerade ball, you will find no better option than the Ladies Bronze Steampunk Half Mask! This elegant costume mask covers your eyes while revealing your coy smile.

Ladies Steampunk Bracer with Vials

Item # DK6074
A touch of Victorian elegance can make anything more appealing. That is as true clothing as it is for armor! Take this Ladies Steampunk Bracer with Vials, which combines a versatile design with a lovely look befitting a steampunk lady.