Steampunk Accessories

If your steampunk attire is lacking, then perhaps you are missing a key accessory. Look no further than our array of excellent steampunk accessories to elevate your look. Our inventory includes a wide range of pieces to complete any steampunk ensemble ranging from a prim ladies maid to a mechanically-minded engineer to a commanding airship captain and beyond. We carry steampunk purses and bags, steampunk bracers and wrist cuffs, steampunk belts and decorative buckles, steampunk gun replicas and leather holsters, steampunk magnifiers, steampunk hair accessories, and many other gadgets and trinkets to set your style apart. With designs for ladies and men, these Neo-Victorian accessories can appeal to anyone wanting steampunk flair. These finishing touches are sure to impress, so check back regularly to see the latest additions!
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Bronze Steampunk One Eye Mask

Item # FM-75990
The Bronze Steampunk One Eye Mask shows where Victorian, industrial, and science fiction styles meet. This retro futuristic mask takes the shape of an asymmetrical masquerade mask and adds incredible steampunk flair to the design.

Bronze Steampunk Skull Half Mask

Item # FM-75993
Eerie and eye-catching, the Bronze Steampunk Skull Half Mask offers a unique fusion of gothic and retro-futuristic style. The steampunk mask takes the form of a mechanical skull, showing off various tubes and gears.

Bronze Steampunk Terminator Mask

Item # KA-1000
A montage of gears, tubing, and puzzle pieces, the Bronze Steampunk Terminator Mask adds a Neo-Victorian twist to the classic phantom mask. Become the villain of an opera house or mingle with fellow Victorians at a masquerade ball.

Brown Fingerless Steampunk Gloves

Item # FM-66704
These gloves would make the perfect touch of delicacy to a Steampunk look. With a fishnet design and ribbon accents, the Brown Fingerless Steampunk Gloves add a lady-like touch that noblewomen would want adorning their hands.

Clockwork Eye Mask

Item # FM-77307
Even cyborgs deserve the chance to attend a masquerade. Eager to be accepted and even praised for their robotic forms, the search for the perfect mask to complete their ensemble, finding this finishing touch in the Clockwork Eye Mask!

Counterculture Lace Wrist Cuff

Item # FM-78636
Sometimes industrial style mixed with feminine flair makes for an ideal accent. In a stunning vision, the Counterculture Lace Wrist Cuff combines these seemingly opposing styles into one accessory that will upgrade any ensemble!

Dark Brown Steampunk Suspenders

Item # FM-66480
In the modern world, the use of suspenders has declined since the mid-19th century, although in a Steampunk world they remain a popular accessory. The Dark Brown Steampunk Suspenders are a great addition for style or necessity.

Five Bottle Steampunk Belt Slide

Item # DK2037-11
The Five Bottle Steampunk Belt Slide is ideal for giving fantasy outfits a fresh look. Keep your potions close at hand with this easy-to-wear leather accessory. Available in black and brown, the hardware is antique brass in tone.

Geared Bronze Steampunk Leather Mask

Item # LM-104
This mask has a shape and form similar to the one worn by a classic phantom from literature, although this mask also features its own unique touches. The Geared Bronze Steampunk Leather Mask covers half the face with gear details.

Geared Steampunk Pistol Holster

Item # DK1054
Danger can be just around the bend in a steampunk setting, which is why you should never go anywhere without your weapon of choice. And if that weapon is a pistol, you can carry it in style with this Geared Steampunk Pistol Holster.

Geared Steampunk Tankard

Item # CC12998
Whether in an airship galley or steam train, any steampunk fan would love to drink out of the Geared Steampunk Tankard, especially when in character. This tankard makes a great, functional costume accessory or a themed drinkware item.

Geared Steampunk Three Bottle Holder Belt Slide

Item # DK2037-9
Perfect for Neo-Victorian alchemists, steamship engineers, and inventors, this Geared Steampunk Three Bottle Holder Belt Slide makes a fantastic addition to a utility belt. The gear accent adds a touch of whimsy to your ensemble.