Steampunk Necklaces & Pendants

Shop here for steampunk necklaces and pendants for every occasion, and more importantly, for every profession! In a world powered by steam and inhabited by all manner of amazing little gadgets and gizmos, why settle for just a pretty necklace when you can have a pendant that looks great and allows you to navigate, communicate, or anything else? Here you will find exactly that in many of our steampunk necklaces, as well as so much more! Many of our steampunk necklaces look like working pieces of steampunk technology, especially given how many incorporate pieces of steampunk tech, including things like gears, cogs, cranks, pistons, and other pieces of machinery, into their design. Some of our steampunk necklaces are complex gadgets that look like they belong around the neck of a steampunk inventor or a steampunk surgeon, while other steampunk pendants are stunning displays of industrial ingenuity and Victorian elegance fit for anyone to wear. Sometimes simple, sometimes complex, sometimes eccentric and esoteric, but always wondrous and wonderful, our lineup of steampunk necklaces and pendants is as diverse an array of gizmos, gadgets, and personal adornments that anyone could ask for, offering a wide range of eye pendants, small steampunk tools, gear necklaces, cog pendants, ingenious creations, and Neo-Victorian accessories that are absolutely perfect for virtually any situation.
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Stainless Steel Box Chain

Item # WH-CN03217
When you have just found the perfect pendant to go with your favorite outfit, do not be stymied by its lack of chain. Pick up one of our Stainless Steel Box Chains, and you will have the perfect way to wear your new pendant.

Stainless Steel Snake Chain

Item # WH-CN03106
When you have just found the perfect pendant to go with your favorite outfit, do not be stymied by its lack of chain. Pick up one of our Stainless Steel Snake Chains, and you will have the perfect way to wear your new pendant.

Steamhammer Necklace

Item # AG-P592
The patented new Steamhammer Necklace offers a Mjolnir for the modern age! Gaze in awe at the gears, just inside the great weapon, that provide the immense amount of power needed to level mountains with a single strike.
$60.00 $54.00

Steampunk Angel Wing Pendant

Item # PS-MPD3901
Mankind often takes to the skies in the steampunk genre, as symbolized by this striking Neo-Victorian pendant. The Steampunk Angel Wing Pendant forms a feathered wing with a circle at its top showing its mechanical underpinnings.

Steampunk Bug Necklace

Item # CC10362
Steampunk merges different technologies and historical periods, making it a truly hybrid science fiction subgenre. The Steampunk Bug Necklace adopts this aesthetic with its pendant that features gears and other mechanical details.

Steampunk Butterfly Gear Necklace

Item # LU14008
Despite being nearly polar opposites, nature and machine frequently find themselves meshed together, usually resulting in strange yet visually stunning combinations. The Steampunk Butterfly Gear Necklace is one such combination.

Steampunk Butterfly Gem Pendant

Item # PS-MPD3922
Offering a striking design that combines the beauty of nature with the mechanized styling of steampunk fashion, the Steampunk Butterfly Gem Pendant makes a unique Neo-Victorian accent to add to any of your favorite outfits.

Steampunk Butterfly Necklace

Item # CC10371
The delicate form of a butterfly combines with the mechanical aesthetic of science fiction in this curious piece of jewelry. The Steampunk Butterfly Necklace features a butterfly with visible gears and accent crystals.

Steampunk Cameo Choker And Earring Set

Item # FM-66256
Elegant and refined are two words that will describe your Steampunk style when you add the Steampunk Cameo Choker and Earring Set to your look. This set consists of a choker and earrings that look fit for the grandest of nobility.

Steampunk Chains & Gears Necklace

Item # LU14009
Steampunk jewelry is often considered just slightly over the top. It typically is esoteric and attention grabbing. In this regard, the Steampunk Chains & Gears Necklace is not so different from other types of Neo-Victorian jewelry.

Steampunk Clockwork Heart Necklace

Item # CC11130
Show your love for steampunk style in a quite literal fashion with this Steampunk Clockwork Heart Necklace. A fantastic gift idea for the steampunk fan in your life, this necklace features a unique design that is truly eye-catching.

Steampunk Dragonfly Gears Necklace

Item # LU14007
The Steampunk Dragonfly Gears Necklace is a strange amalgamation of nature and steam-powered technology. It looks like a winged box of gears. It is an intriguing piece that works equally well alone or matches with a historical outfit.