Steampunk Necklaces & Pendants

Shop here for steampunk necklaces and pendants for every occasion, and more importantly, for every profession! In a world powered by steam and inhabited by all manner of amazing little gadgets and gizmos, why settle for just a pretty necklace when you can have a pendant that looks great and allows you to navigate, communicate, or anything else? Here you will find exactly that in many of our steampunk necklaces, as well as so much more! Many of our steampunk necklaces look like working pieces of steampunk technology, especially given how many incorporate pieces of steampunk tech, including things like gears, cogs, cranks, pistons, and other pieces of machinery, into their design. Some of our steampunk necklaces are complex gadgets that look like they belong around the neck of a steampunk inventor or a steampunk surgeon, while other steampunk pendants are stunning displays of industrial ingenuity and Victorian elegance fit for anyone to wear. Sometimes simple, sometimes complex, sometimes eccentric and esoteric, but always wondrous and wonderful, our lineup of steampunk necklaces and pendants is as diverse an array of gizmos, gadgets, and personal adornments that anyone could ask for, offering a wide range of eye pendants, small steampunk tools, gear necklaces, cog pendants, ingenious creations, and Neo-Victorian accessories that are absolutely perfect for virtually any situation.
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Fibonacci Golden Spiral Necklace

Item # AG-P799
One need not be a clever Neo-Victorian scientist to appreciate the Fibonacci Golden Spiral Necklace. This stylish Nautilus shell necklace works just as well with an outfit meant for the beach as for one assembled for steampunk society.

Gear Butterfly Necklace

Item # CC12200
Forget the bullet. A necklace with butterfly wings is much more stylish, and it hurts a lot less, too. The Gear Butterfly Necklace is the perfect addition to any steampunk outfit, and it also makes a great accessory for casual wear.

Gold Finish Necklace Chain

Item # MCI-5196
This necklace chain is made with a gold finish and will perfectly match any of our pendants that come in the gold finish. The perfect accessory to get with your new pendant. It has a lobster claw clasp closure.

Kinetic Wheel Steampunk Necklace

Item # CCJ336
Based closely on the look of an old ship steering wheel, this Kinetic Wheel Steampunk Necklace is a fine trinket that is sure to inspire a sense of adventure. After all, you need a wheel to guide your vessel into the great unknown.

Kraken Necklace

Item # AG-P818
Mysterious and tragic tales of the sea often tell of the tentacled monstrosity known as the Kraken. Capable of dragging large ships into the depths, you would not expect to see it so small like it is in the Kraken Necklace.

Large Antique Key Gear Necklace

Item # LU-520630
Even the keys are advanced in a Steampunk world! And with such an impressive look, why not wear something like the Large Antique Key Gear Necklace, flaunting this impressively designed item like an ornate and attractive accessory?

Large Gear & Propeller Steampunk Necklace

Item # LU14011
The Large Gear & Propeller Steampunk Necklace is one of the more visually complex pieces of Steampunk jewelry available. At first glance, you may not think so, but after a second look, you can begin to notice the intricate details.

Lunatron Necklace

Item # AG-P828
These days, the Victorian Era is romanticized as if they hung the moon. In a steampunk world, they very well may have. The Lunatron Necklace plucks the mechanical moon of one such world from the sky and allows you to wear it on your neck.

Mechanical Dragonfly Steampunk Necklace

Item # CCJ330
In a world where all is powered by steam and kinetic energy, there are marvels of technology that we have never dreamed of. This Mechanical Dragonfly Steampunk Necklace is one such wonder from a surreal steampunk setting!

Mechanical Royalty Steampunk Necklace

Item # CCJ329
In a steam-powered setting tangent to our timeline, this Mechanical Royalty Steampunk Necklace would be a piece of tech-inspired jewelry fit for nobility. Intricate detailing gives it a fine appearance and an authentic clockwork style.

Pinkington's Precision Warp-Dissection Shears Necklace

Item # AG-P669
These shears are not used for cutting fabric or thread but are themselves the very cutting edge of steampunk style. The Pinkingtons Precision Warp-Dissection Shears Necklace is an unforgettable accent to own, wear, or carry!
$95.00 $85.50

Quantum Displacer Control Necklace

Item # AG-P541
An essential piece of equipment for any respectable neo-Victorian mechanic, the Quantum Displacer Control Necklace offers the means to calibrate the compensation for an entropic shift in matter that enables transportation.
$92.25 $83.03