Steampunk Hats

Nothing will complement your retro-futuristic Victorian style better than a fashionable steampunk hat. Each one of our Neo-Victorian hats has been masterfully crafted from top materials in the esoteric style. You can find all manner period hats here, whether you are looking for a ladies riding hat or a gentlemans top hat. We carry a variety of steampunk mini hats, fascinators, and netted hats for Victorian women, as well as derby hats, fedoras, and drivers caps for men. Both genders can appreciate our variety of steampunk officers caps and other military headwear, including fun aviator caps. These attractive hats will work wonderfully with almost any look. Our steampunk headwear features a variety of eye-catching decorations like gears, goggles, feathers, clock parts, keys, and airbrushed art, helping you to elevate your look to the max.
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Chain Link Steampunk Top Hat

Item # CN-C1117
The Chain Link Steampunk Top Hat is perfect for adding a bit of edge to your Victorian vibe. This black top hat is made of Azo-free, 100 percent Australian wool, and its brown leather band is accented all around with brass chains.

Clockwork Curio Steampunk Top Hat

Item # MCI-6006
A top hat is the definitive hat when considering headwear that speaks of charm, sophistication, and class. And in a Steampunk-styled world, no top hat has those qualities quite like the Clockwork Curio Steampunk Top Hat.
$344.95 $295.00

Coachmans Steampunk Top Hat

Item # MCI-6004
With a feather on the crown, the Coachmans Steampunk Top Hat is the image of what a coachman would have worn in a past era or the hat that any gentleman might wear in a Steampunk age this world has never seen or known.

Collared Marlow Steampunk Hat

Item # MCI-6076
Show off your formal look in a unique way with the addition of this charming top hat to your ensemble! The Collared Marlow Steampunk Hat is crafted by hand from leather, ensuring a quality construction and comfortable fit.

Counterculture Derby Hat

Item # FM-78375
Popularized in the 19th-century Victorian era, the derby hat was the pinnacle of fashion. Even alternate timelines have seen its worth. When combining these worlds into one look, the Counterculture Derby Hat is just what you need!

Dark Brown Coachman Top Hat

Item # LU-290082
Whether you are dressing up as a distinguished gentleman or Neo-Victorian scientist, the Dark Brown Coachman Top Hat adds a touch of class to any costume! The rich brown faux suede texture is accentuated with a matching ribbon band.

Draco Top Hat

Item # MCI-6087
From the depths of the earth comes the design of this all-leather masterpiece of fierce style and royal pedigree. The Draco Top Hat displays the king of fantasy beasts around the crown, who peers out with a serpentine eye.

Edward Wool Top Hat

Item # CN-C1056
Step up your steampunk style with the Edward Wool Top Hat. Handmade from soft, Azo-free 100 percent Australian wool, this tall top hat brings finesse to any look, particularly those of formal, steampunk, or neo Victorian fashion.

Elegant Steampunk Women's Teardrop Hat

Item # MCI-6564
Elegance and sophistication are the styles of the Victorian era, and so too do they mark the neo-Victorian era and its steam design! This Elegant Steampunk Women's Teardrop Hat has it in the name, and its look does not disappoint.
$62.00 $37.20

Eureka Zippered Steampunk Hat

Item # MCI-6069
Curiously zany, the design of this hat adds a hint of playfulness to any ensemble you pair it with! The Eureka Zippered Steampunk Hat features a colored leather addition that partially covers the upper portion of the hat.

Eye Band El Dorado Hat

Item # MCI-6127
Perfect for gunslingers, gamblers, and gurus, the Eye Band El Dorado Hat helps you keep an extra eye on your competition. Inspired by the Old West, this leather top hat also has an eye for the inventive spirit of Steampunk fashion.

Falcon Western Hat

Item # MCI-6066
For a cowboy hat that is great for the farm and even better for formal events, pick up the Falcon Western Hat. A truly versatile item, this hat is capable of showing your rough and tumble side, as well as your fashionable side.