Spiritual Jewelry

Encompassing designs inspired by the many faiths and belief systems of the world, the spiritual jewelry here contains a wealth of unique metaphysical accessories. Our angel jewelry ranges from pieces that depict various archangels to wing jewelry to angel talismans meant for inspiration and comfort. Our gemstone amulets serve similar purposes, drawing from fantasy, mythology, astrology, and other fields. Additionally, we provide striking jewelry options displaying yin yangs, Egyptian glyphs, and other significant symbols. Peruse our spiritual jewelry to find pieces that match eye-catching looks with intricate meaning.
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Amara Arelia Dream Angel Necklace

Item # 090-SN09
Witness an angel resting with the Amara Arelia Dream Angel Necklace. Deep in slumber Amara comfortably lays above a moonstone with her wings wrapped around it. Tread lightly as not to wake such a lovely creature from her tranquil state.
$94.00 $84.60

Anael Angel of Venus Necklace

Item # 090-MM06
From ancient times to present, amulets and charms often center on relationships between people, romantic or otherwise. The Anael Angel of Venus Necklaceoffers a talisman based on the power of the archangel.

Angel of New Hope Pendant

Item # PS-WZTP3410
A fresh start and a new beginning are just what the Angel of New Hope Pendant represents with its charming design. This meticulously crafted angel pendant depicts a lovely winged angel holding a swaddled infant in its arms.

Angel of Vision Necklace for Perspective

Item # 090-BAF11
The Angel of Vision Necklace for Perspective can be a gentle reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. This elegant angel patiently sits inside of a window and looks to the bat flying above her.

Angel Rose Cameo Necklace

Item # 090-EC13
With an elegance both dark and serene, the Angel Rose Cameo Necklace presents a beautiful illustration within its oval cameo center. Strikingly detailed, the scene depicts a fallen angel maiden at the bittersweet shifting of seasons.

Angel Wings Pendant

Item # AST-1145
Keep your guardian angel close to your heart while you wear the Angel Wings Pendant! This religiously themed pendant will make you feel safe, knowing that your personal angelic protector is close to you at all times of the day!

Angels of Oberon Necklace for Love

Item # 090-BAF01
The Angels of Oberon Necklace for Love is a necklace that draws on elements that few have ever seen and even fewer understand. This dazzling pendant combines the ideals of love and ambition for you to keep at your side.
$21.00 $18.90

Antique Brass Finish Necklace Chain

Item # MCI-5198
This necklace chain is made with an antique brass finish and will perfectly match any of our pendants that come in the antique brass finish. The perfect accessory to get with your new pendant. It has a lobster claw clasp closure.

Antiqued Angel Wing Pendant

Item # AST-1155
The world is dark and scary, and some people need constant reassurance that there is some good out there. That is what the Antiqued Angel Wing Pendant is for, to remind people that there are angels out there helping others.

Aral Angel of Fire Necklace

Item # 090-MM11
The element of fire resonates with the dynamic traits of passion, enthusiasm, and anger, appearing as an influence in charms and amulets. The Aral Angel of Fire Necklace offers a talisman based on the power of the angel.

Blue Angel Necklace

Item # CCJ318
The Blue Angel Necklace is a perfect accessory for your everyday wear! This adorable necklace features an angel holding a bouquet of flowers, and she has a large flower in her hair. There is a blue gem at the top of each of her wings.

Brass Yin Yang Bracelet

Item # AJ-0172
Introduce a Chinese inspired accent like the original Brass Yin Yang Bracelet into your personal style today. Your friends and family will all want a jewelry item like this after you model it for them during the next get together.