The main weapon of the medieval period was the spear, not only for peasants but also for professional soldiers and even the noblemen. The spear was more effective at downing a charging wild boar because the blade created a wider, more lethal wound. It was equally as effective in battle, ripping holes in chainmail and armour. The spear is a relatively low in cost compared to a sword or axe. A medieval spear was relatively easy to use and very light in weight. Spears could also be quickly manufactured and can be used at a considerable distance from the target or enemy. We have Viking spears, Roman spears, thrusting spears, boar spears, throwing spears, assegai spears, and spearheads. All our medieval spears are fully functional and very durable for hunting, fishing or re-enactments.
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Ridged Leaf Spearhead

Item # HW-701115
Sometimes you want to create your own spear; use the Ridged Leaf Spearhead to make your own medieval weapon. This hand forged, steel spearhead is great for historical reenactments, DIY projects, or as a functional display piece.

Roman Square Pilum

Item # AH-3526N
The two weapons a Roman soldier would have been armed with were, more often than not, the gladius and the pilum. The type of pilum, or javelin, could vary from soldier to soldier, though, and some favored a typical Square Pilum.

Round Ended Butt Cap

Item # 600226
With the discovery of metal, spears became much more effective. Our Round Ended Butt Cap has a generic look that does not represent any one specific time or place, so it can be used for any period and paired with any spearhead.

Samburu Spear (Bag with Header Card) by Cold Steel

Item # 07-95SB
The Sambura Spear could be described as the 300 Winchester Magnum of the spear world. This carbon steel spear can be used at long range, flies straight with a flat trajectory, and penetrates deep, making it ideal for hunting.
$88.00 $70.40

Samurai Yari

Item # SH2152
The yari is a Japanese spear, used both in warfare and in the martial art of sojutsu. Requiring great skill to use, this Samurai Yari is designed after weapons used on the battlefield by the honorable Samurai warriors of medieval Japan.

Short Bladed Spearhead

Item # XB0049
The Short Bladed Spearhead was made especially for re-enactment use. The Short Bladed Spearhead is crafted with a bulbous tip, 3 mm thick edges, and rounded flanges. No shaft is supplied.

Short Practice Spear Head

Item # ZS-HS-7889
It is hardly safe to practice with a functional spear that is capable of piercing a boars hide. That is why we offer this Short Practice Spear Head, which when combined with a haft makes for a great new training tool in your arsenal.
$17.50 $15.75

Short-Shafted Assegai by Cold Steel

Item # 07-95FS
The Assegai was invented by the legendary Zulu king Shaka in the early 1800s, and revolutionized tribal warfare in Southern Africa. The shaft is straight and the spearhead is wicked, with long, deadly edges and a punishing point.
$70.00 $56.00

Small Cederic Spear Head

Item # MY100268
The Small Cederic Spear Head is the more petite version of our Large Cederic Spear Head. Just as fierce in appearance, it features similar details on a smaller frame. With a blunted tip, this spearhead is for those who value safety.

Small Medieval Spear Head

Item # MH-W0956
When you need to defend against enemies closing in, choose the Small Medieval Spear Head for your next medieval pole weapon. This spear head is made of carbon steel and makes an excellent component for medieval reenactment weaponry.

Small Spear Head

Item # HW-700893
Craft your own throwing spear or pole weapon using the Small Spear Head. This historically styled spear head tapers to a point and has a central ridge, its hand forged construction resulting in a rugged, weathered appearance.


Item # XB2072
In the earliest of medieval times, weapons like the spear and the axe, were favored because of the ease that they could be made and replaced. As this Spearhead shows, that popularity is well-deserved, as simple can also mean effective.