Spats and Boot Covers

Dress up your boots and shoes with our fantastic period spats and boot covers! Dark Knight Armoury carries a great selection of footwear accessories in a variety of styles including medieval, Renaissance, steampunk, gothic, and pirate. Kids and adults can enjoy adding pirate boot toppers to a buccaneer outfit, and Victorian ladies can increase the finesse of their ensemble with steampunk leg warmers. Alternately, add a vintage edge to a modern look with our gothic leg covers. Our spats and boot covers come in various styles from ankle warmers to thigh high boot toppers. These pieces are decorated with studs, feathers, gears, lace, buckles, stripes, skull and crossbones, and other eye-catching details that make each one a unique fashion choice. Transform your footwear with these shoe accents that can suit almost any period outfit, adding sophistication and charm to your look!
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Gabriel Canvas Boot Gaiters

Item # MY100439
For the roleplayer who prefers the fit of modern shoes, the Gabriel Canvas Boot Gaiters are an excellent option in period footwear. They complete your look when traipsing through an enchanted forest or reenacting a historical scene.

Gabriel Suede Boot Gaiters

Item # MY100100
Originating in the 1700s, leather gaiters offer protection and warmth to the lower leg of the wearer. The Gabriel Suede Boot Gaiters feature a stylish design that goes very well with Renaissance and Victorian ensembles.

Ornate Buckle Pirate Gaiters

Item # MCI-3258
With the Ornate Buckle Pirate Gaiters, the roleplayer may wear a favored pair of modern boots without stepping out of character. This fine pair of boot covers adds authenticity and style to the exciting role of debonair buccaneer.

Randulf Gaiters

Item # MY100331
Protect your lower legs from the elements with the Randulf Gaiters. Made of high-quality leather, they are great for covering modern footwear with authentic looking style. The gaiters are made up of two pieces, a back and a front.

Simple Gaiters

Item # RT-242
An adventurous venture into the woods often leads to blisters and twisted ankles. Modern footwear offers a solution, but ruins a fantastic scene. Wherever the quest may lead, the Simple Gaiters will ensure you stay in character.