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A good medieval or Renaissance styled skirt from Dark Knight Armoury is an absolute must-have for any womans historical and fantasy wardrobe. These womens skirts are nothing if not exceedingly versatile, not to mention incredibly attractive. Here in the womens skirts category, you will find all manner of different skirts which are designed to be worn throughout countless different periods and styles of clothing. We have skirts that are perfect for the swashbuckling pirate ladies, just as we have skirts that are perfect for a traditional tavern wench. From peasantry to nobility, we have womens skirts that fit into every strata of medieval and Renaissance society. And that is not even considering that a good skirt has near limitless possibilities. You could just wear one skirt alone with a chemise or a bodice or you could combine two skirts to create a layered look. You can also wear a skirt under an open front dress. Skirts can be worn with one of our excellent petticoats or hoop skirts to create a full bodied, regal look. You can mix and match skirts to virtually any other piece of attire in your wardrobe and create a near infinite array of incredibly beautiful and historically authentic styles. The limit is only the confines of your imagination. You will also find a number of accessories in this category that work with skirts, like skirt hikes and bustles, which help to add depth and style to any appropriate look that involves a skirt or two. If you do not have a womens medieval skirt in your wardrobe, then you are sorely missing out on an exceedingly versatile garment. Remedy that problem immediately by checking out Dark Knight Armourys selection of womens skirts and picking out a couple of your favorites. Start putting together intriguing and attractive new looks today!

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Elvira Brown Taffeta Skirt

Item # BR-0271
Adventure into a Victorian realm powered by steam or entertain the lawless crowd of a Western saloon with the Elvira Brown Taffeta Skirt as part of your costume. This lovely high low skirt is an essential for your wardrobe.
$110.00 $99.00

Elvira Burgundy Taffeta Skirt

Item # BR-0209
With tiered layers, the Elvira Burgundy Taffeta Skirt adds a Victorian flair to any modern ensemble. Accented with lace panels and mesh ruffles, this taffeta high low skirt looks fantastic with any of our Gothic corsets or tops.
$110.00 $99.00

Elvira Cream Taffeta Skirt

Item # BR-0208
Accented with lace panels and mesh ruffles, this taffeta high waist midi skirt looks fantastic with any of our Steampunk corsets or tops. With tiered layers, the Elvira Cream Taffeta Skirt adds a romantic flair to any modern ensemble.
$90.00 $81.00

Elvira White Taffeta Skirt

Item # BR-0211
Displaying gathered tiers and mesh ruffles, this taffeta high low skirt adds a vibrant accent to any Steampunk ensemble. Draped in floral lace, the Elvira White Taffeta Skirt adds Victorian flair to any bridal or modern outfit.
$110.00 $99.00

Elvish Fantasy Battle Skirt

Item # BG-1074
As you lead your army onto the battlefield, a thousand orcs rushing toward you, the last thing you want to worry about is tripping over your skirt. That is why you wore the always reliable and stylish Elvish Fantasy Battle Skirt.

Emerald Taffeta Ball Gown Skirt

Item # BR-0185
You will feel like a million bucks when you wear this green Victorian skirt with any of our Gothic corsets or tops. The Emerald Taffeta Ball Gown Skirt extends to your ankles in a voluminous design perfect for any formal event.
$120.00 $108.00

Enchanted Fairy Skirt

Item # MCI-4005
Our Enchanted Fairy Skirt is made from a lightweight poly-cotton blend fabric that is very breathable and perfect for long summer days at the fair. Layer two of these jagged skirts in contrasting colors for an interesting look.
$27.00 $25.50

Entwined Black Rose Corsage Skirt

Item # SL-00025
If you are looking to complete your gothic attire in an elegant way, nothing beats a good skirt. When it comes to skirts, this Entwined Black Rose Corsage Skirt is a great one, thanks to its beautiful layering and its elegant style.
$85.00 $76.50

Esme Ruched Layer Lace Skirt

Item # PH-1168
This fantastic skirt is a great piece of alternative apparel to add to your wardrobe. The Esme Ruched Layer Lace Skirt displays a fabulous metallic dusky pink rose print all over its black material, giving it incredible charm.

Essential Medieval Skirt

Item # MCI-519
If your historical or fantasy persona is feminine in nature, you ought to have the Essential Medieval Skirt in you repertoire. Easy to wear on its own or layered with other skirts and petticoats, this batiste skirt is a must-have!

Evangeline Red Brocade Overskirt

Item # BR-0212
Add a dramatic flourish to any Gothic outfit with this Evangeline Red Brocade Overskirt. Made from rich red brocade with black floral lace and black faux leather, this corset laced overskirt pairs well with other high low skirts.
$90.00 $81.00

Fairytale Skirt

Item # JD-0007
The best kinds of pieces in your closet are the ones that possess flexible functionality. The Fairytale Skirt can be worn in a number of ways depending on your desire, from gothic ensembles to fairy or peasant costuming.