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Skeleton & Skull Lamps

Your gothic home need not be as dark as the tomb! We offer skeleton and skull lamps that will bring a bit of light to your decor without sacrificing your shadowy style. Shop everything from LED skull desk lights and mini skeleton lamps to grim reaper wall lights and skeletal oil lamps here. Our skeleton lighting options are quite varied, so you are sure to find something to suit your sinister style here, whether you are looking for a subtle accent to grant just a touch of grim delight to your home or office or you need an impressive grim reaper lamp that will take your gothic manor to the next level. All are highly detailed, and are hand painted. If you are seeking a gothic lighting option as spooky as it is stylish, look no further than our skeleton and skull lamps here.
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Antiqued Skull LED Lamp

Item # 060-2779
Even gothic homes need the right amount of light to balance their dark decor. With a multitude of wicked bones creating its unique design, the Antiqued Skull LED Lamp is the perfect option for those who seek a macabre home accent.

Floral Skull Lamp

Item # SC9168
The combination of flowers and skulls seems to strike a special place in many peoples hearts. Maybe it is the polarity, one symbolizes death and the other life, or maybe it is just how cool the Floral Skull Lamp looks when lit up!

Grim Reaper Oil Lamp

Item # CC5461
The Grim Reaper Oil Lamp would look great on any table or desk that needs a little extra light. The lamp base features the grim reaper in his cloak. He holds his scythe and has a rose in-between his teeth. His eyes are red crystals.

Grim Reaper Wall Lamp

Item # CC10923
How could something so dark and mysterious possibly bring so much light? Allow the Grim Reaper Wall Lamp to illuminate the way at your next Halloween party or Gothic feast, or keep him up year-round and show off your spooky style.

LED Skull Candle

Item # GB-WW-6137
Though a skull can be spooky, it can also light up a room like our distinctive LED Skull Candle. This statue features a human skull with a large white candle sitting atop the back of it. Included in the design is an LED light.

LED Skull Lantern

Item # GB-WW-6162
The next time you go to grab a lantern to help with a dimly lit room, go for our LED Skull Lantern. Do not jump, it is only a skull. This cold cast resin lantern features LED lights to help illuminate the room.

Shiny Vampire Skull Lamp

Item # TL-2394
Bring a shiny sense of undead romance to any room of your home with the Shiny Vampire Skull Lamp! This decorative vampire skull is fabulously crafted to emit light from within and reflect it off the pieces of glitter that adorn it!

Skeletal Mini LED Lamp

Item # CC11668
Those who appreciate dark, gothic styles need not literally dwell in darkness with the Skeletal Mini LED Lamp. This functional gothic decor piece features intense, skeleton details hand painted in the colors of stone and bone.

Skeleton Hand Oil Lamp

Item # SC5459
Brighten a room with a bone chilling new home accent like the Skeleton Oil Lamp, which can be a great addition to any motif. This original light will add some eerie tones to your current theme and have everyone talking about your home.

Skulls Mini LED Lamp

Item # CC11667
The classic lamp shape of the Skulls Mini LED Lamp is frightfully embellished with its hardcore, gothic skull details. The lampshade portion features a skull pattern while the stem of the lamp resembles the segments of a human spine.