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Skeleton & Skull Clocks

Grim yet often grinning, these skeleton and skull clocks are memento mori, or reminders of the fleeting nature of life. Impressive additions to home decor of all themes, our skeleton and skull clocks are perfect for anyone seeking an impressive and stylish way to bring gothic style into their setting. Many of our skull wall clocks feature the work of popular fantasy artists like James Ryman or Anne Stokes. Others are finely detailed desk clocks made of high quality resin and painted by hand. Watch as these analog skull clocks tick onwards towards oblivion, bringing eerie delight, dark artistry, or unique gothic charm to your office or home. Whether you are adding to existing gothic decor or seeking a way to start your collection, our skull and skeleton wall clocks are fantastic choices.
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Carpe Hora - 'Seize The Hour'

Item # AG-AAP6
A hand from the grave, subtly reminding you of the time you have left! This clock is cast pewter with quartz movement. The Carpe Hora Î'Çô Seize the Hour clock is a great decor piece for anyone who soon plans to seize their moment.
$126.50 $113.85

Demon Skull Clock

Item # CC11095
The skull featured in this Demon Skull Clock is not just any ordinary head of a skeleton. Straight from the depths of the fiery underworld, this skull is transforming into the demonic hellion it will remain for the rest of eternity.

Final Verdict Wall Clock by Anne Stokes

Item # CC9844
You will never forget the rapid passing of time when this clock hangs upon your wall. The Final Verdict Wall Clock by Anne Stokes depicts a skeletal grim reaper with his scythe, from which hangs a swiftly emptying hourglass.

Grim Reaper Desk Clock

Item # EV-10150
Time is mankinds truest currency, keeping mortals running all their lives. With the Grim Reaper Desk Clock serving as your memento mori, you can make sure that you are spending every second as wisely as possible.

Hell Rider Wall Clock by Anne Stokes

Item # CC9841
Motorcycles inspire an attitude of recklessness and freedom. In the Hell Rider Wall Clock by Anne Stokes, this daring skeleton escapes from the grave riding a fiery cycle with an expression of abandon.

Hora Mortis Desk Clock

Item # AG-V45
Loosely translating as Hour of Death, the name of the Hora Mortis Desk Clock fits well with the image it bears, that of a hand erupting from the earth, holding a clock, to remind you how much time you have left before you die.

Play Dead Clock

Item # CC11677
Who says the undead have poor taste in music? The Play Dead Clock proves otherwise with its spectacular clock face graphic depicting a skeletal rocker in a graveyard, jamming out on an electric guitar under the light of the moon.

Prince of Oblivion Wall Clock

Item # CC11738
The Prince of Oblivion Wall Clock is proof that royalty will always be royalty, even after death. This clock is the perfect way to add gothic style to your decor. This clock can be used as both a decorative and functional piece.

Purple Rose Skull Clock

Item # CC11526
TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN. YOU CAN NEVER TURN BACK. The Purple Rose Skull Clock declares this message around the edges of its clock face even as it depicts the reality of these words. This skull shaped clock is made of cold cast resin.

Raven Reaper Clock

Item # CC11089
The Angel of Death is one of the most frightening figures imaginable, but when you add a flock of ominous ravens to the mix that terror just intensifies! Enhance the Gothic look of your home design with this Raven Reaper Clock.

Skeletal Reaper Clock

Item # CC11678
With the speed of a lightning storm, Death comes calling. The graphic on the face of the Skeletal Reaper Clock provides an up close look under the hood of the grim reaper. This functional clock makes a great addition to gothic decor.