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For special occasions, parties, or any day fun, shop our shot glasses! We have historical, fantasy, and gothic shot glass styles perfect for your next event or for adding to a collection. Check out gothic skull shot glasses and dragon shot glasses alongside pewter shot glasses fit for fine dining occasions. Grab a whole set of shot glasses and you will be ready to entertain in style at your next party. Mermaid shot glasses add a nautical touch, while our steampunk shot glasses are perfect for fans of science fiction and the Neo Victorian era. Swashbucklers will enjoy drinking from our pirate-themed shot glasses. No matter your taste or style, our medieval and fantasy shot glasses are perfect for lightening up the party or even displaying as part of themed drinkware collections.
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Silver Warrior and The Huntress Glass Set

Item # Game-239
A career as an illustrator for fantasy and science fiction publications heavily influenced the artwork of Frank Frazetta. Just observe the dynamic and suspenseful scenes presented by the Silver Warrior and The Huntress Glass Set.

Skull and Bones Shot Glass

Item # GB-U-6159
Do not hesitate to drink from this haunting cup. Our Skull and Bones Shot Glass features a fractured human skull atop a pile of bones. This cold cast resin cup depicts a realistic skeleton with a black background and features a metal insert.

Skull Shot Glass

Item # CC11457
An adventure with too much excitement reaps a strong desire for a stiff drink. The fiery shot that you crave deserves a glass worthy of its power. The Skull Shot Glass is a must-have for connoisseurs of both alcohol and skeletons.

Skull Shot Glass

Item # CC11531
Get the party started in gothic style with the Skull Shot Glass. This collectible gothic drinkware item features a high quality cold cast resin base resembling a frightful human skull, hand painted with impressive attention to detail.

St. George Slaying Dragon Shot Glass

Item # WU-1417
Commemorate the heroics and valiant behavior of the St. George Slaying Dragon Shot Glass in your homes collection. Based on the medieval best seller, this item captures the spirit of that fight in a fun accent glass.

Star Wars Darth Vader Shot Glass

Item # VP-99063
The perfect collectible glass to finish off your drinkware set, this Star Wars shot glass features detailed artwork that new and longtime fans of the saga will love. The Star Wars Darth Vader Shot Glass holds up to 2 oz. of liquid.
$5.00 $4.50

Star Wars Four Piece Shot Glass Set

Item # NW-SW031SG1C
Fun shot glasses are a great way to show off your favorite series while enjoying a drink or spirit. This Star Wars Four Piece Shot Glass Set is the perfect way to savor a tasty drink alongside some of your most loved characters.
$12.00 $10.80

Steampunk Octopus Shot Glass

Item # WU-1493
Whether you intend to use this aquatic glass as a part of your drinkware or add it to your collection, the Steampunk Octopus Shot Glass is sure to draw eyes. An octopus and gear mechanism decorates this neo-Victorian liquor glass.

Steampunk Shot Glass

Item # WU-1665
You will always be able to identify your drink when you use this unique piece of Neo-Victorian imagining. Featuring brightly colored pipes and gears on a riveted base, this Steampunk Shot Glass makes an excellent collectible as well.

The Alchemist Shot Glass

Item # AG-CWT47
Even an ageless figure like the legendary Alchemist likes to enjoy a nice spirit every now and then, and The Alchemist Shot Glass, touched by his likeness, makes the perfect vessel for him and others to enjoy their own favorite spirits.
$22.50 $20.25

The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt Shot Glass Set

Item # Game-240
The three schools represented by the Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt Shot Glass Set earned fame by creating highly skilled monster slayers. Start a debate among your fellow gamers as to which school is best, while enjoying a beverage.

The Wormwood Tree Absinthe Shot Glass

Item # AG-ACWT9
A drink as refined and famous as absinthe deserves to have a special vessel. The Wormwood Tree Absinthe Shot Glass is a decadent choice to use when you want to enjoy, neat, the gratifyingly creative delights of this distinctive drink.