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For special occasions, parties, or any day fun, shop our shot glasses! We have historical, fantasy, and gothic shot glass styles perfect for your next event or for adding to a collection. Check out gothic skull shot glasses and dragon shot glasses alongside pewter shot glasses fit for fine dining occasions. Grab a whole set of shot glasses and you will be ready to entertain in style at your next party. Mermaid shot glasses add a nautical touch, while our steampunk shot glasses are perfect for fans of science fiction and the Neo Victorian era. Swashbucklers will enjoy drinking from our pirate-themed shot glasses. No matter your taste or style, our medieval and fantasy shot glasses are perfect for lightening up the party or even displaying as part of themed drinkware collections.
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La Fee Verte Shotglass

Item # AG-ACWT2
The La fee Verte Shot Glass features a distinctive art nouveau style, displaying vivid color reminiscent of Absinthe. Indeed, la fee verte means the green fairy, a term that sometimes used to reference the distinctive green spirit.

Love Kills Shot Glass

Item # WU-1423
Embrace the styles of gothic fantasy and introduce the Love Kills Shot Glass into your kitchen set. This daring drinkware will add new dimensions to your homes current decor while serving everyone their favorite beverages.

Mermaid Shot Glass

Item # WU-1397
If you are hosting a gothic or pirate themed party, the Mermaid Shot Glass can be a great accessory. This original item will have all the guests of your party wondering where you found such a dazzling little glass.

Mermaid Shot Glass

Item # WU-1510
Swimming through her aquatic world, this lovely mermaid appears in a fantasy of coral reefs and long sea grasses. The Mermaid Shot Glass allows you to enjoy this mermaid as a functional and decorative part of your home bar.

Neuschwanstein Castle Shot Glass

Item # CG5135
The Neuschwanstein Castle Shot Glass features detailed pictures of 3 castles King Ludwig of Bavaria is credited with building during the years of his reign. This is a must have collectible for any medieval enthusiast.

Nibelungen Shot Glass

Item # CG4951
Inspired by the epic 5th century poem of Siegfried the dragon slayer, the Nibelungen Shot Glass is crafted from lead free pewter. This collectible shot glass makes a great gift for any fan of the tragedy of Siegfried and Kriemhild.

Octopus Shot Glass

Item # WU-1653
The octopus is highly intelligent, exhibiting problem-solving behaviors and adapting simple tools. Their eight limbs feature suckers along most of their length. Drink a toast to the adaptable cephalopod in this Octopus Shot Glass.

Old Masters Shot Glass

Item # CG5081
The Old Masters Shot Glass is ornately decorated with three highly detailed sculpted images. Each panel depicts a famous work by a 17th century painter from the Dutch Golden Age. This pewter glass makes a lovely gift or collectible.

Pewter Dragon Shot Glass

Item # CG8981
This cute dragon is not all he seems to be. When right side up, he appears to be a figurine, but when turned upside down, he holds a generous serving of your favorite liquor. The wings of the dragon create comfortable finger holds.

Pirate Captain Cups

Item # 804416
Made of spun brass and plated inside with silver, these Pirate Captain Cups are safe for your next toast! Brazed onto each jigger cup is a copper skull and crossbones, for added pirate flair. Each cup is sized close to a shot glass.

Residenz Shot Glass

Item # CG5094
Some shot glasses are designed to be appreciated not for their contents, but also for the appeal that they bring. This Residenz Shot Glass is one such example, as it features an atypical design that is quite appealing to the eye.

Ruah Vered Shot Glass

Item # AG-CWT55
The pentagram represents the fifth element, the spirit or Breath of Life bound together with all nature. The Ruah Vered Shot Glass displays a romantic and sensual rose of love passionately entwined with a textured pentagram.
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