Scottish & Celtic Swords

Inspired by weapons wielded by the Scots and Celts throughout history, the Celtic and Scottish swords that we carry come from some of the top manufacturers around the world. Our Scottish claymores, Celtic short swords, Scottish cutlasses, and basket-hilt swords provide plenty of options for collectors and reenactors. The term claymore refers to large, two-handed swords used in the medieval period as well as large basket-hilted swords issued to Scottish troops in the 18th century. Its strength and size made it one of the most prominent weapons wielded by the Scottish clans. Today, it stands as a great symbol of Scottish heritage. We offer both functional and decorative Scottish and Celtic swords here. Whether you are looking for a William Wallace sword or a Celtic sword that could have been carried by the fierce Boudicca, you can find excellent options among our inventory.
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Bannockburn Sword

Item # 501689
The Battle of Bannockburn was important in the fight for Scottish Independence. Remember this fierce battle and its swords with the Bannockburn Sword. This high carbon steel blade works great for faires and historical reenactments.

Basket-Hilt Backsword

Item # SH2003
Early highland swords almost invariably carried the double-edged broadsword blade, but by the time of the Battle of Culloden in 1746 the single-edged backsword was at least equal in popularity.

Basket-Hilt Broadsword

Item # SH2002
Although Basket-Hilt swords appeared throughout Britain from the mid-sixteenth century on, their association with the seventeenth and eighteenth century Scottish highlander has become legendary.

Brass Basket Hilt Scottish Sword

Item # AH-3291
The basket hilt sword developed alongside the rapier, and was often dubbed a broadsword in comparison. This Brass Basket Hilt Scottish Sword is, by name and style, of the Scottish origin, where heavier swords were more favored.

Bronze Celtic Antennae Sword

Item # AH-2101
Not all Celtic weapons were designed with function in mind. Take, for example, the Bronze Celtic Antennae Sword. This weapon features an effective blade and a hilt set with a flowing, decorative pommel, all cast in bronze.

Celtic Anthromorphic Sword

Item # IP-084-2
This Celtic Anthromorphic Sword was created due to the popularity of Celtic reenactment. The anthropomorphic hilt and leaf-shaped blade epitomize the weapons of the warrior race, as demonstrated by surviving originals.

Celtic Anthropomorphic Sword With Scabbard

Item # DS-1532
Celtic artwork can be quite distinctive, and you need only look to this Celtic Anthropomorphic Sword with Scabbard to prove that point. This unique blade has an artistic hilt and a deadly blade, making it quite the sharp accent to see.

Celtic Anthropomorphic Sword With Scabbard and Belt

Item # DS-1532B
Celtic artwork can be quite distinctive, and you need only look to this Celtic Anthropomorphic Sword with Scabbard and Belt to prove that point. This unique blade has an artistic hilt and a deadly blade, making it a sharp accent to see.

Celtic Combat Sword

Item # ED2002
The Celts were brave warriors from early as 500 BC, fighting with strength and fury. The close combat sword was the chosen weapon in battle, as its flared blade possessed a strong and deadly edge that could be wielded quickly.

Celtic Flame Sword

Item # ED2017
This magnificent medieval Celtic Flame sword has magical Celt appeal! Each flame like blade of steel is masterfully forged by hand and comes with its own leather sheath, which is made individually to fit each kris blade.

Celtic Knot Sword Cane

Item # ZS-926856
Walking along the street has never been so stylish or so deadly than with the Celtic Knot Sword Cane. This cane displays an aluminum handle with Celtic knot and triquetra designs, all polished to a mirror shine.
$29.90 $26.91

Celtic Short Sword

Item # AH-4324
Not all situations called for a traditional sword. Sometimes, a warrior needed something smaller, but still big enough to be battle-ready. In those moments, Celtic warriors would likely reach for a blade like this Celtic Short Sword.