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Scottish & Celtic Accessories

Very distinctive cultures evolved among the peoples of ancient Briton and the surrounding lands. We carry an excellent assortment of Scottish accessories and Celtic accessories inspired by two of the most well-known groups. Our Highlander accessories include excellent leather pouches like sporrans, worn with clothing like kilts to serve in place of pockets, while our Celt accessories offer additional pieces like leather belts that work great for historical reenactments and the Renaissance fair. Whether you plan to dress as William Wallace or Boudicca, you can be sure to find helpful historical accessories here!
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Ladies Celtic Knot Headband

Item # ST4047
Delicate and elegant in its style, this thin-banded accessory suspends a fine Celtic knot over the brow, creating quite a stunning sight. As far as beauty is concerned, not many accents can compare to this Ladies Celtic Knot Headband.

LARP Celtic Triskel Sword Frog

Item # MCI-2195
This LARP Celtic Triskel Sword Frog will securely hold your LARP sword, dagger, and even some axes at your waist, making drawing your weapon very convenient. The frog slides on to most belts and will hold a variety of weapons.

Leather Celtic Gloves

Item # MCI-3291
If you find your medieval, Renaissance, or fantasy outfit lacking in detail, consider the Leather Celtic Gloves. These fingerless leather gloves will take your characters style to the next level, whether at a LARP event or Ren fair.

Leather Tree of Life Journal with String

Item # NP-V-N8631
Keep track of your own artistic creations or your favorite quotes with this Leather Tree of Life Journal with String. No matter where in the world your travels take you, be prepared to record your journey with this striking notebook.

Medieval Day Sporran

Item # ZS-203275
A day for festivity and historical reenactment soon approaches. Careful thought has gone into your costume. Whether you choose a character in Highland dress or take on another role, the Medieval Day Sporran is a fitting accessory.
$26.50 $23.85

Pewter Raven Belt Buckle

Item # DD-P401
The guttural caws of the raven are often foretellings of fate, either grim or fortunate. Based on the frequently mythologized bird, the Pewter Raven Belt Buckle depicts a Celtic knotwork raven face holding a round token in its beak.

Pewter Shamrock Flask

Item # CG5581
This classically shaped, slightly curved, Pewter Shamrock Flask features an etched design of a shamrock encircled by a wreath of Celtic knotwork. The hip flask looks very nice with the brightly polished finish.

Pin Closure Tasseled Celtic Sporran

Item # ZS-203344
Who says that a sporran can only be worn at fairs and festivals? With the utility and eye-catching style of this Pin Closure Tasseled Celtic Sporran, you might want to keep your items in this handy leather pouch every single day!
$27.90 $25.11

Plain Leather Sporran

Item # ZS-203370
Whether your family has roots in Scotland, you admire the Highlander culture, or you simply enjoy the look of it, the Plain Leather Sporran makes a stylish and practical accessory for wearing with kilts, medieval outfits, and more.
$19.00 $17.10

Ready For Battle Squire Belt

Item # MCI-2234
If you are looking for an adjustable belt that can go anywhere and do anything, then your search is over once you have found this Ready for Battle Squire Belt. Not only is the wrapped design quite appealing and effective.

Red Plaid Sporran

Item # ZS-203376
Every Scottish clan has their own style of tartan. This means that each clans tartan is a plaid pattern of distinct colors. If your clans tartan uses a lot of red, this Red Plaid Sporran is something you need when wearing your kilt!
$29.90 $26.91

Scottish Belt

Item # MCI-383
With its silver tone metallic details, stylish Celtic knot designs, and unique criss cross structure, the Scottish Belt makes an intriguing addition to reenactment outfits, especially as an accessory for traditional Scottish ensembles.