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Scottish & Celtic Accessories

Very distinctive cultures evolved among the peoples of ancient Briton and the surrounding lands. We carry an excellent assortment of Scottish accessories and Celtic accessories inspired by two of the most well-known groups. Our Highlander accessories include excellent leather pouches like sporrans, worn with clothing like kilts to serve in place of pockets, while our Celt accessories offer additional pieces like leather belts that work great for historical reenactments and the Renaissance fair. Whether you plan to dress as William Wallace or Boudicca, you can be sure to find helpful historical accessories here!
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Celtic Wolf Journal

Item # CC11157
Sometimes, all you need is a bit of inspiration to make your writing better than it has ever been. Let the nobility and power of one of the animal kingdoms most beloved creatures encourage as you write in this Celtic Wolf Journal.

Celtic Wolf Notebook

Item # CC9818
A notebook is a handy thing to have around the house. Not only is it a great place to jot down thoughts and lists, but this Celtic Wolf Notebook might promote creativity and spark your interest in writing, drawing, and more!
$11.00 $9.90

Circular Celtic Cross Key Chain - Gold Finish

Item # MCI-5303
The Celtic Cross is a widely popular symbol and has different meanings to different people. Whatever special meaning the Celtic Cross has to you, you can display your heritage or love of all things Celtic with this beautiful keychain.

Circular Shamrock Flask

Item # CG5476
Sometimes, you just want to take your drink with you. For those times, this Circular Shamrock Flash is the perfect novelty to have, because no matter its contents, this flask will keep a few swigs of something tasty close at hand.

Claymore Walking Cane by Marto

Item # MA-868S
The Claymore Walking Cane by Marto pays homage to the style of weapons that were made famous by Scottish warriors. This cane bears the medallion-head of one of Martos replica claymores, which is why the cane is named for the weapon.

Crystal Celtic Cross Key Chain - Silver Finish

Item # MCI-5315
This elegant Crystal Celtic Cross Key Chain is the perfect way for any individual to celebrate the beauty of a Celtic cross. Featuring a silver finish, this key chain is a great decoration that will make even your keys stand out.

Double Embossed Sporran Pouch

Item # ZS-203270
As the national symbol of Scotland for hundreds of years, the thistle emblem on the front of this medieval pouch adds a fine traditional element to the design. The Double Embossed Sporran Pouch makes a great addition to a kilt.
$23.50 $21.15

Embossed Celtic Knot Leather Journal

Item # NP-V-N8658
This attractive journal is a wonderful place to record your thoughts and dreams. With a weathered look and historical feel, the Embossed Celtic Knot Leather Journal is a great gift for writers, filled with versatile unlined paper.

Embossed Celtic Skirt Hike

Item # DK1041-1
Our Embossed Celtic Skirt Hike is a fantastic essential for the wardrobe of any medieval maiden or lady pirate. Keep your skirt from skimming the ground or show off layered skirts with the help of this leather skirt hike.

Embossed Medieval Sporran Pouch

Item # ZS-203277
Originally, the sporran was a Scottish pouch worn with the kilt so that men would have something similar to a pocket. Today, you can use this Embossed Medieval Sporran Pouch in much the same way as they would have in history.
$17.90 $16.11

Green Plaid Sporran

Item # ZS-203377
If you are proud of your Scottish heritage and you want to show it, why not proudly display your clans colors? If your clans tartan uses a lot of green, this Green Plaid Sporran is something you ought to wear with your kilt!
$29.90 $26.91

Irish Blackthorn Walking Staff

Item # 07-91PBS
Inspired by the authentic blackthorn Irish shillelaghs made of prized blackthorn wood, the Irish Blackthorn Walking Staff uses high impact polypropylene to create a high quality walking stick that will not warp, crack, or splinter.
$67.00 $53.60