Scabbards & Sheaths

We have pre-made leather scabbards for swords, so that your weapons can stay safe when not in use. All of our leather scabbards are made of top quality grain leather and are either riveted or sewn together. If your sword did not come with a leather scabbard, well you are in luck because we have a variety of them. Scabbards are a great way to carry your LARP sword around with you and also protects the blade section from getting damaged. Our LARP scabbards are made from durable vegetable tanned leather and the inside throat of the scabbard is lined with thick faux fur to protect the coating on your LARP sword when you slide it in and out of the scabbard. These are sharp looking scabbards. With adjustable belt straps you can control the angle at which your sword hangs. Available for left or right handed draws. We have scabbards that will accommodate daggers, medium length swords and long swords.
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24 Inch Latin Machete Sheath

Item # 07-SC97AM24
The 24 Inch Latin Machete Sheath is made of tough, black Cordura nylon with taped and riveted seams, a slotted back, double retaining straps, and a generously sized belt loop that will even accommodate a G.I. pistol belt.
$6.40 $5.76

31 inch Leather Sheath

Item # ZS-SHE-660131
When you are not training or in conflict your sword needs a place to rest. Give that weapon a home with the 31 Inch Leather sheath. Do not lay that sword on the ground or against a tree when it deserves a respectable carry method.
$41.50 $37.35

31-Inch Suede Sheath

Item # ZS-SHE-660231
You can stop searching for a stylish yet function accessory with the 31-Inch Suede Sheath. Able to protect your trusty weapon this sheath can also provide a comforting carry method while keeping your sword at the ready.
$23.50 $21.15

38 inch Leather Sheath

Item # ZS-SHE-660138
If you have been searching for a way to keep your weapon comfortably close at hand then the 38 Inch Leather Sheath is your solution. Balancing function and style this sheath is an excellent way to carry your trusted sword.
$46.50 $41.85

38 inch Suede Sheath

Item # ZS-SHE-660238
You will not always be conquering a castle or protecting royalty so rest your trusted sword in the 38 Inch Suede Sheath. This quality sheath is ready to carry your weapon when defensive action is not entirely necessary.
$25.50 $22.95

4 Inch Black Plain Leather Sheath

Item # ZS-SHE-2033224
If you prefer your accessories sleek and functional without a lot of decoration, this 4 Inch Black Plain Leather Sheath is right up your alley! The lightweight pocket knife case is sized to fit most folding knives up to 4 inches long.
$3.50 $3.15

4 Inch Brown Oval Leather Sheath

Item # ZS-SHE-6603
Pocket knives come in handy for all sorts of daily tasks. With this 4 Inch Brown Oval Leather Sheath, you will be able to wear your favorite folding knife at your belt for easy access. The classic design coordinates with many outfits.
$3.90 $3.51

4 Inch Brown Plain Leather Sheath

Item # ZS-SHE-2033234
Perfect for those who prefer a clean minimalist design, this folding knife case lets the beauty of real leather take center stage. The 4 Inch Brown Plain Leather Sheath slides onto your belt to keep your favorite knife close at hand.
$3.50 $3.15

4 Inch Printed Brown Leather Sheath

Item # ZS-SHE-2031164
Keep your folding knife close at hand with this 4 Inch Embossed Brown Leather Sheath. Crafted from high quality leather, this knife pouch displays an embossed argyle design and holds your blade securely inside with a snap closure.
$3.50 $3.15

5 Inch Black Plain Leather Sheath

Item # ZS-SHE-2033225
Whether you are looking for a pocket knife sleeve you can embellish or you prefer the minimalist design, this 5 Inch Black Plain Leather Sheath is an excellent choice. Keep your folding knife at hand with this sheath on your belt.
$3.90 $3.51

5 Inch Brown Plain Leather Sheath

Item # ZS-SHE-2033235
Your favorite knife will always be close at hand when you keep it in this 5 Inch Brown Plain Leather Sheath. Made from high quality leather, this pocket knife case has a classic design that lets the beauty of genuine leather shine.
$3.90 $3.51

5 Inch Brown Printed Leather Sheath

Item # ZS-SHE-2031165
Displaying an embossed argyle design, this brown leather pocketknife case keeps your blade secure. Worn on your belt, the 5 Inch Brown Embossed Leather Sheath will hold your favorite folding knife until the next time you need it.
$3.90 $3.51