Roman Swords

The legionnaires of the Roman Empire used a historical short sword called a gladius as they went to war. The gladius sword averaged 18 to 24 inches in length, its design inspired by Spaniard blades. The primary function of this Roman sword was for thrusting and stabbing in close combat with the enemy. We carry an excellent selection of fully functional Roman soldier swords like gladiator swords, Roman spatha, Mainz gladii, Pompeii gladii, sica swords, Roman dolch swords, and more. Many of our Roman centurion swords and legionnaire swords can be used for stage performances, reenactments, or historical events, while other decorative swords are ideal for collectors.
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Roman Caesarean Sword

Item # AH-4228
Swords are a symbol of power and might, and so many rulers favored carrying one, even if they did not use them. In the days of Rome, some Caesars were as much warriors as rulers, which made a Roman Caesarean Sword perfect for them.

Roman Fulham Gladius

Item # AH-2007
The gladius is the iconic sword of ancient Roman foot soldiers, and to this day it still inspires the feeling of bravery and victory that it did thousands of years ago. Now, you can evoke that same feeling with the Roman Fulham Gladius.

Roman Gladiator Sword With Scabbard

Item # DS-1323
Roman gladiators were armed with a huge assortment of interesting weapons all designed to make fights more challenging and interesting. This Roman Gladiator Sword with Scabbard is based on one sword that was originally of Thracian design.

Roman Gladiator Sword With Scabbard and Belt

Item # DS-1323B
Roman gladiators were armed with aa assortment of weapons all designed to make fights more challenging and interesting. This Roman Gladiator Sword with Scabbard and Belt is based on one sword that was originally of Thracian design.

Roman Gladius Sword

Item # IP-022-2
Our version features a full tang construction, high carbon blade, and hardwood handle. The Roman Gladius Sword has a polished steel spacer at the bottom of the handle for strength and durability, and a wood scabbard is included.

Roman Gladius Sword

Item # ED2010
A very distinctive twist to this ancient designed Roman sword rests in the striking solid brass studs that encircle the rich wood pommel and guard. Truly an imperial touch to this historical functional battle ready sword.

Roman Gladius Sword

Item # ED4428
The Roman Gladius Sword is durable and suitable for stage and reenactment fighting and come to you at a great price. It features a full tang with the blade made from a thick, rigid piece of steel that extends the length of the blade.

Roman Gladius Sword

Item # ZS-926625
This Roman Gladius Sword has a 31 inch overall length with a blade length of 23 inches. The blade of the Roman sword is unsharpened stainless steel. The handle is simulated wood finish with cast metal spacers for an authentic look.
$69.00 $62.10

Roman Maintz Gladius Sword

Item # IP-023-2
Most early versions of the Roman Gladius combined the ability to cut and stab in one handy weapon. The Roman Maintz Gladius carries on that tradition. This sword is fantastic for historical reenactments and for display in your home.

Roman Mainz Gladius Sword

Item # AH-4209
The gladius was the favored weapon of the Roman armies, and in trained hands, this blade became one of the most effective in history. The Roman Mainz Gladius Sword is so-named because it is a lethal and deadly leaf-styled Mainz blade.

Roman Mainz Sword

Item # AH-3309
The Roman approach to war was simple and pragmatic, and thus the gladius became their main sword for its ease of use and manufacture. Over time, the gladius was available in two types, with this Roman Mainz Sword being the earlier type.

Roman Mainz-Wederath Gladius

Item # AH-3311E
The gladius is the classic sword of ancient Roman soldiers, and its varieties are plentiful. The Roman Mainz-Wederath Gladius is a German variation on the traditional Roman sword, carried by foot soldiers and centurions alike.