Roman Swords

The legionnaires of the Roman Empire used a historical short sword called a gladius as they went to war. The gladius sword averaged 18 to 24 inches in length, its design inspired by Spaniard blades. The primary function of this Roman sword was for thrusting and stabbing in close combat with the enemy. We carry an excellent selection of fully functional Roman soldier swords like gladiator swords, Roman spatha, Mainz gladii, Pompeii gladii, sica swords, Roman dolch swords, and more. Many of our Roman centurion swords and legionnaire swords can be used for stage performances, reenactments, or historical events, while other decorative swords are ideal for collectors.
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Roman Pompeii Sword

Item # AH-3311
The Roman approach to war was simple and pragmatic, and the gladius became their primary sword for its ease of use and manufacture. Over time, the gladius was available in two types, with this Roman Pompeii Sword being the later type.

Roman Short Sword

Item # MC-HK-26187
Not quite a gladius, too short to be a spatha, and too big to be a pugio, this Roman Short Sword is a balanced design based on the Roman style of sword-making, with a blade that stands out among examples of other Roman weapons.

Roman Sword With Scabbard

Item # SD4140
The Roman Sword With Scabbard, also called a Gladius, evolved from weapons captured during the Roman campaign in the Iberian peninsula. By the first century A.D., it had been refined to the form shown in this replica by Denix.

Rudis Gladiator Sword

Item # SG200
A sword is not always just a blade to use in battle. It can have a symbolic meaning. In the days of the gladiator, giving a Rudis Gladiator Sword to a victorious gladiator was symbolic of the warrior having earned their freedom.

Satin Finish Pompeii Gladius

Item # MC-SW-1276
Named for the city of Pompeii, the Pompeii gladius was a popular weapon in its time. The Satin Finish Pompeii Gladius is an excellent replica of this Roman sword design, showing off the traditional features of the blade type.

Short Centurion Gladius

Item # MC-HK-708S
As a professional officer of the Roman army, a centurion commanded respect as he led upwards of one hundred men into battle. With the Short Centurion Gladius at your side or on display, you will invoke the same commanding presence.

Sica Sword

Item # AH-4234
The gladiators of ancient Rome utilized a myriad of different tactical and deadly weapons during battle. One such weapon is the Sica Sword, with a sharply curved blade that gave these warriors an advantage over their enemies.

Spartacus Sword

Item # AH-2003
This Spartacus Sword is a variant of the classic gladiator weapon, the dolch. This blade is stylized and more ornate, befitting the name of Spartacus, who was one of the most famous gladiators and rebels to ever challenge Romes authority.

Sword Of Julius Caesar

Item # 501453
Julius Caesar is probably the best-known ruler of Rome to this day. Take on his long-lasting legacy and power by getting the Sword of Julius Caesar. This fantastic sword will look great as a display piece or a costume accessory.

Wooden Gladiator Sword

Item # HW-701367
Young gladiator, take up your sword and fight for freedom! Grab the Wooden Gladiator Sword and march your way out of the reaches of the Roman Empire. This wooden sword is great for practicing for battle or historical reenactments.