Roman Swords

The legionnaires of the Roman Empire used a historical short sword called a gladius as they went to war. The gladius sword averaged 18 to 24 inches in length, its design inspired by Spaniard blades. The primary function of this Roman sword was for thrusting and stabbing in close combat with the enemy. We carry an excellent selection of fully functional Roman soldier swords like gladiator swords, Roman spatha, Mainz gladii, Pompeii gladii, sica swords, Roman dolch swords, and more. Many of our Roman centurion swords and legionnaire swords can be used for stage performances, reenactments, or historical events, while other decorative swords are ideal for collectors.
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Damascus 3rd Century Roman Spatha

Item # AH-2002D
This sword is modeled after one of the longer blades wielded by the Legion during 3rd Century Rome, with one exception. Instead of regular steel, this Damascus 3rd Century Roman Spatha has a blade patterned after damascus steel.

Damascus and Rosewood Gladius

Item # ZS-DM-5003
As many avid collectors of weapons know, the gladius was the weapon of choice in Ancient Rome. This Damascus and Rosewood Gladius enhances the look of that classic sword with brilliant Damascus steel and a gorgeous wooden handle.
$147.00 $132.30

Damascus Late Roman Sword

Item # AH-2001D
This Damascus Late Roman Sword is modeled after the spatha, which was similar to the gladius, except it featured a longer blade. This weapon also differs as it features a ripple to its steel that is only found in damascus weapons.

Damascus Roman Mainz Gladius

Item # AH-4209D
The gladius was the Roman weapon of choice for many years, and it exceled during its years of service. This Damascus Roman Mainz Gladius mimics the classic Roman sword and enhances it with a resplendent damascus steel pattern.

Delos Sword

Item # AH-4215
Similar in design to the gladius, the spatha was a straight sword favored by Roman heavy infantry units. This Delos Sword is a simple blade with obvious Hispanic influences that is modeled after a Roman sword found in Delos, Greece.

Economy Pompeii Gladius Sword

Item # AH-4211E
The gladius was the favored weapon of the Roman armies, and in trained hands, this blade became one of the most effective in history. The Economy Pompeii Gladius Sword is modeled after the Pompeii gladius, which featured parallel edges.

Embellished Gladius Set

Item # MC-SW-1271
Roman warriors needed weapons that showed off both their superior fighting skills and their rank. The Embellished Gladius Set is a duo of fantasy gladius for high ranking Roman warriors to wear and wield as a part of their look.

Gladius of Mainz Sword

Item # AH-2005
The gladius was the favored weapon of the Roman legion, and in trained hands, this short blade became one of the most effective in history. The Gladius of Mainz Sword is modeled after an early Roman gladius that featured a waisted blade.

Gladius Sword

Item # ZS-910894
The Roman Gladius is one of the most famous swords, wielded by one of the most formidable fighting forces known in history. Reflecting the close ties between the military and the arena, the word gladiator comes from the word gladius.
$65.50 $58.95

Gold Julius Caesar Sword

Item # SG212
The great Julius Caesar, head of the Roman Empire, left his mark in history as a military leader and an Emperor. The Julius Caesar Sword, with its Roman styling, is a reminder of the power and prestige of the great Roman Empire.

Imperial Damascus Sword

Item # ZS-DM-5016
Inspired by the gladius carried by Roman soldiers, this Imperial Damascus Sword offers a two-handed sword option for display, reenactment, or cosplay use. This fantasy Damascus sword features inlaid accents on the guard and handle.
$149.90 $134.91

Julius Caesar Gladius by Marto

Item # MA-517S
Julius Caesar was one of the greatest military and political leaders of ancient Rome. The Julius Caesar Gladius, by Marto, pays tribute to this great military and political leader in the form of a sword fit for an Emperor.