Roman Statues

We carry a wide array of Roman statues that are great for adding a touch of Roman style and elegance to any room. These Roman figurines include Roman mythology statues as well as other designs depicting characters as varied as Roman soldiers and Roman emperors. Our centurion statues and legionnaire statues are joined by incredible Roman charioteer statues that show off details like rearing horses to create a dramatic scene. These historical statues come in a variety of sizes and finishes, including some that have been brightly colored or gilded. With their excellent craftsmanship, these Roman collectibles are sure to impress wherever they are displayed. These Roman figures also make fantastic gifts for those fascinated by Roman history and culture.
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Spartacus Statue

Item # CC10205
Known both for his time as a gladiator and his role as a slave leader in the Third Servile War, Spartacus has captured the imaginations of historians for centuries. The Spartacus Statue shows this rebel in his armor.

Spiked Helmet Skull Statue

Item # CC10686
Wearing a detailed helmet in a style reminiscent of Roman centurions, this skull statue makes a striking piece of decor. The Spiked Helmet Skull Statue features a series of short points all over the design and nose and cheek guards.

Tall Lady Justice Statue

Item # SC7918
Lady Justice is a classic image found in several places. Justice is an almost universal concept that is sought out in any culture. The Tall Lady Justice Statue is a faithful and straight-forward depiction of this universal constant.

Victory Statue

Item # SC8024
This stunning Victory Statue is fashioned in cold cast resin and painted a rich gold. At 12 inches tall, the female form of Victory is likely patterned after the goddess Nike.

Winged Victory Statue - 20 Inches

Item # OL-F45
Inspired by the Winged Victory of Samothrace, famed Hellenistic sculpture from the second century, the Winged Victory Statue brings remarkable history and beauty to your home or garden with its high quality attention to detail.

Winged Victory Statue - 40 Inches

Item # OL-F265
Based on the famed Winged Victory of Samothrace, a surviving Hellenistic masterpiece, the Winged Victory Statue stands tall in your garden or home decor with its highly realistic details and iconic weathered look.

Winged Victory Statue - 72 Inches

Item # OL-F269
Nearing the height of the original Hellenistic masterpiece, the Winged Victory Statue stands six feet tall with exquisitely crafted details and an iconic headless form. This large outdoor statue represents the Greek goddess Nike.

Roman Legionary Aquila

Item # AH-6729
The eagle, also known as an aquila, was an extremely important symbol in Ancient Rome as it was the standard for the Legion. Carried by a distinguished warrior, each legion would have owned a standard like the Roman Legionary Aquila.