Roman Jewelry

We offer an excellent range of historical jewelry, including pieces inspired by the history and culture of ancient Rome. Our Roman jewelry includes excellent Roman necklaces, Roman rings, Roman bracelets, Roman earrings, and Roman pendants for men and women. Our antiqued pewter and gold-plated jewelry pieces make excellent gifts with gorgeous designs worthy of a Roman emperor or empress. Various designs display authentic Roman currency and Roman symbols from mythology, while others come in classical styles like Roman torcs and laurel crowns. Other items like beaded necklaces and leather bracelets can easily serve as ornaments for the lower classes or gladiator jewelry. History enthusiasts are sure to appreciate these great personal accessories, which will add a touch of history to any look.
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Brass Leaf Roman Hair Band

Item # HW-701202
The Romans and Greeks were known to wear a laurel wreath after a great triumph. Wear the Brass Leaf Roman Hair Band to symbolize your great victory. This accessory is a wonderful addition to an outfit for reenactments or cosplay.

Caduceus Amulet

Item # 090-JA03
Based on the staff of classic god Hermes, the Caduceus has since become a symbol for healing. Featuring two snakes intertwined around a winged staff, wear this elegant charm to promote wellbeing in your own life.

Caesar Coin Pin Badge

The coin inspired pin badge has the Emperors name and an elephant trampling a serpent on one side (representing the conquest of Gaul by Caesar) and a simpulum, sprinkler, axe, and priests hat on the reverse.

Gold Plated Dolphin Gem Ring

Item # WR-DGRG
Impressively styled after Roman concepts, this Gold Plated Dolphin Gem Ring features a pretty faux gemstone suspended between two dolphin supports. The ring comes in a clear blister pack with a full-color front and historical info.

Gold Plated Dolphin Necklace

Item # WR-DP
In Roman times, dolphins and other sea creatures were very popular, and were often depicted on jewelry like this Gold Plated Dolphin Necklace. This accessory is depicted on an informational card that features historical facts on the back.

Gold Plated Dolphin Ring

Item # WR-DRG
Elegantly depicting a carefree and intelligent marine creature is this Gold Plated Dolphin Ring. This piece of jewelry is featured on its own blister card, which features a colorful front as well as historical info on the reverse.

Gold Plated Domitian Coin Necklace

Item # WR-DCP
This reproduction 22ct gold plated aureus coin is made from lead-free pewter and is supplied on a waxed cord. The coin has a bust of the Roman Emperor Domitian on one side and a cornucopia (horn of plenty) on the other.

Gold Plated Double Headed Snake Ring

Item # WR-DHSG
This sinisterly styled ring is the perfect serpentine touch to any style of attire. The Gold Plated Double Headed Snake Ring comes in a blister pack, which features a colorful front as well as interesting historical data on the back.

Gold Plated Emperor Gem Ring

Item # WR-ERG
It stands to reason that Roman emperors likely enjoyed the finer things in life, including ornate jewelry. This Gold Plated Emperor Gem Ring is modeled in Roman style and comes complete with an information card of historical facts.

Gold Plated Roman Owl Necklace

Item # WR-ROGP
Roman jewelry typically depicted important figures or animals, and this Gold Plated Roman Owl Necklace depicts a watchful owl. The pendant comes attached to an information card that details the owls relationship to Minerva.

Gold Plated Roman Torc

The Romans were a fashionable people, whose chosen accoutrements often included interesting items like this Gold Plated Roman Torc. This accessory is packaged on its own card, which features Roman art as well as historical facts.

Gold Plated Scorpion Gem Necklace

Item # WR-RSPG
Symbolic of the Praetorian Guard, this Gold Plated Scorpion Gem Necklace depicts a wicked scorpion guarding a pretty jewel. This necklace comes with an information card that gives a few historical facts about the Praetorian Guard.