Roman Camping Gear

The Romans, particularly legionnaires with the army, were intimately familiar with the act of camping. When on long marches away from home and civilization, the Roman forces would have no choice but to break out their camping supplies in order to create a safe and secure place for the army to rest. Roman camping equipment often consisted of essentials that would be required for survival, including things like cooking tools, water rations, and other important materials that would allow construction of a safe and relatively comfortable position suitable for temporary rest. We offer many items that could likely have been found on a Roman legionary or located in the camp of a Roman army. Things like all-metal buckets and cooking pans would have been common, as would simple fire braziers constructed of metal slats and simple stoves for efficiently preparing meals over campfires. All of this, and more, can be found here in our Roman Camping Gear category, where you can turn back the clock on your camping experience and do it just like the Romans did roughly 2,000 years ago.
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Beneficiarius Roman Standard

Item # AH-3540
Virtually every unit of significant size in the Roman army, from centuria and up (a centuria is a grouping of about 80 men) possessed a standard of some kind. Some were unique, possessing a Beneficiarius Roman Standard like this one.

Folding Roman Stool

Item # AH-F0009
Romans were a clever lot, and also sometimes concerned with creature comforts. After all, why sit on the ground when you could bring a chair? This Folding Roman Stool is easy to carry, and it certainly beats sitting on the ground!

Pretorian Standard

Item # AH-3509
Virtually every unit of significant size in the Roman army, from centuria and up (a centuria is a grouping of about 80 men) possessed a standard of some kind, with several featuring a shape and form similar to this Pretorian Standard.

Roman Fire Pit

Item # MCI-2254
The Romans liked to do things efficiently, and so while others were building in-ground fire pits, they were constructing portable ones that made it easy to set up and break camp. This Roman Fire Pit is a modern recreation of that.

Roman Fire Pit

Item # AH-6091
The Roman Fire Pit is an example of a simple fire brazier that could have been found within the bounds of any camp in the Roman army, whether they were camped outside a city in peace times or besieging city walls in times of war.

Roman Frying Pan

Item # AH-3982N
To cook your food the authentic, Roman way, make sure you turn to a classic piece of cookware like the Roman Frying Pan. Unlike most modern, average frying pans, this historical roman pan is deeper and looks more like a sauce pan.

Roman Grinding Stone

Item # AH-3981C
The chakki was a Roman tool that saw common use, in a wide variety of fields. More commonly known as a Roman Grinding Stone, the chakki was an important part of life that was used for the grinding of all kinds of different substances.

Roman Horn Cornu

Item # AH-3870
Communication during battle could be difficult, if not out-right impossible with the noise. The Romans devised a way to do so, utilizing this Horn Cornu to encode a generals orders into signals and broadcast them over the field.

Roman Leather Bag

Item # AH-3988
For the typical Roman, who was not wealthy beyond measure, the method of choice when carrying around their personal belongings was something like the Roman Leather Bag. Now, even a modern enthusiast can enjoy this quality container.

Roman Legion Canteen

Item # AH-3982C
Roman soldier or no, all humans have basic needs, and water is one of them. This Roman Legion Canteen is modeled after the same canteen that many legionnaires would have favored when carrying their water rations while marching.

Roman Legionary Aquila

Item # AH-6729
The eagle, also known as an aquila, was an extremely important symbol in Ancient Rome as it was the standard for the Legion. Carried by a distinguished warrior, each legion would have owned a standard like the Roman Legionary Aquila.

Roman Situla

Item # AH-3982S
The Roman Situla is a simple bucket or pail that would have historically been used for a variety of purposes, and even now, it can still be applied to different chores where it will perform just like its historical counterpart did.